Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ragdoll Flop

A classic ragdoll pose...in the most convenient spot he could find, of course: the kitchen! As in, what other reason would we have to be in the kitchen besides to feed him??
Good point, Tyco. Obviously the only reason we go into the kitchen is to prepare food for you.


Shangching said...

I believe all cats are like that... so he is not off the chart :)

GourmetPens said...

Heheh so true. Cats have staff!

Unknown said...

Love it! Mine like to flop down and invite me to rub their bellies whilst i'm on the toilet, just far enough out of reach so i have to stretch. The strange thing is it feels normal to have toilet cuddle time now! =^_^=

GourmetPens said...

HAHAHA yes...I can see it: "what a strange litter box you have...please adore me now." They do seem to pick the most inconvenient times and places to demand attention.

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