Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The last few days, I think it's really started to sink in that we packed up our lives and moved to Texas. From Winnipeg. Which is a huge change for us. All in all, I think I took it pretty well, especially with Angel and Cheebs passing away back-to-back of one another. Then moving a few days later... I have also really been missing my wonderful friends who have been great to me and who I am so lucky to have. I know that sounds so cliché, but it's true. They have seen me through good times and bad and have never failed to be supportive, encouraging and fantastic. I miss my brothers (yes, both) and my parents. I miss the familiarity of home (even though I was bored out of my skull with the city itself). All in all: I'm homesick.

I thought some fuzz-therapy was in order to help alleviate this feeling.


My cats are the best fuzz-therapy systems available. To me anyway.


Unknown said...

Aw sorry to hear that you're feeling homesick, but you're right Fuzzical Therapy is the best, hope those beautiful little faces have set you right again! =^..^=

GourmetPens said...

Thank you :) They were certainly useful for a picker upper - even though they objected after a little while of being snuggled...

Shangching said...

Wow, you have been through quite a bit last year! Move itself is already taxing, the passing of your feline friends definitely did not help. I hope you are all settled in and get the much needed snuggles from your kitties!

GourmetPens said...

Thanks Shangching - it was a tough few months :( Adjusting is taking awhile but having kitties around really, really helps! I don't know what I'd do without them! I can't imagine having a house without cats around!

Raffia said...

Aww. You mommy knows that you really misses home. At least we talk often and I'm happy you have the four four legged ones. Poor Kevin. He must feel left out. I pray as time goes by it will get better. You can always pack up and come home. Today it's cold in Wpg and dad says he wishes he was in your place. We love you always.

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