Friday, August 26, 2011

Kittens Sleeping in Weird Positions

This post was inspired by Pet Meadow! I really don't know why kittens like to sleep in the most bizarre positions but alas, here is a small collection of just that: kittens sleeping in weird positions. This series of photos does provide evidence that the Bengals are the weirdest. With the exception of Tyco who, by nature, is peculiar.

IMG_9171 Resized
IMG_5159 Resized
IMG_0128 Resized
IMG_4725 Resized
IMG_4696 Resized
IMG_9025 Resized
IMG_4712 Resized
IMG_8990 Resized
IMG_4985 Resized
IMG_0529 Resized
IMG_4708 Resized
IMG_5068 Resized
IMG_5368 Resized
IMG_5387 Resized
IMG_4989 Resized
IMG_8281 Resized
IMG_8640 Resized
IMG_8776 Resized
IMG_3960 Resized


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