Friday, December 2, 2011

A Giant Ink

Moments ago, I tweeted the following:

I was sitting here, quite calmly, trying to disregard feeling sick... and then there was a giant ink running on the couch right next to me.

And then Clara (@ckshowalter) responded:

...was it at least an interesting ink?

I meant to say was there was a giant ANT on the couch.

 Wow. I mean, I feel rotten. But I guess it's pretty obvious what's always on my mind. A giant ink?? What the...


Shangching said...

As I read "Giant ink", all I can think of is a squid. I guess I am equally unwell too.

Grace said...

haha i do this all the time!

GourmetPens said...

LOL I meant to say "giant ant"!

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