Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Stainless Steel Sharpie Pen Fine - Black

This is a review of the Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen in black.
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Features (From Sharpie):

- The same bold, smooth, high-quality writing experience of the Sharpie marker with the performance of a pen that doesn’t bleed through paper
- Brushed stainless steel body for a premium writing experience you’ll love
- Soft grip for added writing comfort
- Refillable. Let yourself get permanently attached!

Many thanks to Jose for so generously sending me this pen to review! The sad reality is, I didn’t even realize Sharpie had made a stainless steel version of the pen. I know. I live under a rock. I was still stuck on the stainless steel marker that I hadn’t yet gotten the guts to purchase. (Not because it wasn’t worthy of $10, but because I already have like... a million Sharpies.)
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This Sharpie stainless steel pen is obviously the most luxurious Sharpie pen ever. It looks good, is nice to write with, and performs well.

The pen is aesthetically pleasing! It’s like a neat looking torpedo. I think. This is what torpedoes look like, right? I really like that Sharpie has improved the Sharpie pen to with this stainless steel body. The Sharpie logo is painted on the barrel but it seems to be well done and doesn’t appear it will chip off. Not too long ago, I was pining over my Sharpie pen because the body was all ruined from the barrel chipping. Therefore I am pleased that this barrel will look awesome forever. Or until you lose it. Or someone steals it.
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Note the scuffing on the old Sharpie pen. This one is in "good" condition. My other one is a mess. It has almost nothing left on the barrel. It's just grey.
The grip is quite nice. It tapers slightly towards the tip but is still wide enough to hold comfortably. It has a peculiar texture to it. It’s quite smooth but not entirely. I like the texture. It makes it feel a little less slimy. That doesn’t really make sense. I’m not saying smooth grip is slimy, it just makes me think it feels that way. ... Anyway. The grip is nice. It’s firm but still provides a nice cushion from the solid plastic underneath.
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The grip also appears to be part of the refill cartridge, which seems a bit funny to me. Nice in a way though, it means your grip will never get too icky to deal with. Yes, this means this pen is refillable. The ink cartridge simply unscrews and can be replaced.
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The pen feels centrally weighted and is very comfortable to write with. When posted, it is just as comfortable although slightly heavier on the back. Compared to the original Sharpie pen, I am very happy with the weighting because I found the plastic barrels to be overly light and took a lot of effort to get controlled writing. My OCD did object to the posting of the cap though - it is a little bit wobbly and I keep trying to post it evenly.
Sharpie Tippy Lid
As for the ink, it is nontoxic, virtually unscented (I really couldn’t detect a scent... a dog might be able to though), and is quick-drying so it’s smear proof. It is also waterproof and fade-resistant. It’s a great writing experience - the nib is a fine point and is very smooth. It’s like writing with velvet dipped in a clean, dry ink. The color is not a deep, intense black, but rather a very dark grey-black. AND! Unlike other Sharpies most normal people are familiar with (i.e. not pen freaks), the Sharpie pen ink does not bleed through paper. That’s correct. DOES NOT bleed! Hooray! Now you can use the Sharpie pen, in super style, at school and work, or wherever else you like to write. The nib holds up well to writing. I did manage to ruin one of mine but I was being pretty rough with it (trying to make lines on pieces of wood to indicate where to saw). But I’m pretty sure with normal writing, nibs won’t get destroyed.

On a crazier note, the cap clicks really nicely onto the pen body and for some unknown reason, I equate pen quality to how nicely a cap clicks onto the pen. Ergo, this pen is of good quality because it clicks loudly and snugly.

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Amazon - $4.74 (plus shipping, but apparently it can also be purchased at general stationery stores)


For the price, this is a pretty cool pen. It writes really well, it's comfortable, it’s refillable, and it just looks really neat! Of all the Sharpie pens so far, I think the stainless steel is their best one yet!


Shangching said...

Woo... a fashionable Sharpie! Maybe once I am done with all of my Sharpies, I can consider getting one.

GourmetPens said...

It's pretty nice, isn't it?? Writes so easily. Gotta love it! And no more chipping!!

timverry said...

Indeed, I use it all the time now to draft articles on paper. I saw it in Walmart one day and just had to have it despite my girlfriend thinking I was nuts for spending so much on a pen. If you don't use a pen everyday to write with, I guess you simply don't appreciate how important a good pen is... and the stainless steel sharpie is a good pen :).

Azizah Asgarali said...

Yes! Exactly! And it's great that it's refillable, so it's like you're investing in the environment... sort of... right? I try to use that argument all the time to justify particular pens hehe

Kathylovessharpies said...

I am a graphic designer and I love sharpies, I until the pen models came out I couldn't find an excuce to walk around with them. I buy them wholesale now from because I eiather lose or give away my sharpie pens because every one loves them. Its kinda of a standard now if you want to be my friend. :) lol

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