Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mailbox Goodies: Sandpiper Cat Blog & Three Dogz

A few weeks ago, I entered to win some Three Dogz goodies at Sandpiper Cat Blog! Being a bit of a cat lady, I was rather excited about this. A few days ago, we received our package from Rachel (thanks Rachel!!) and before I opened up the prizes individually, I had to do some pictures with the furballs here.
IMG_0120 Resized
The prize included: paw print tissue paper,  a cat lover mouse pad, a cat lover coaster, a cat lover pencil, and cat shaped paper clips. I mean, paper clips in shapes of cats?! This is not unlike my excitement over the Midori cat paperclips I reviewed a little while ago!

Without further ado...
IMG_0121 Resized
Koa purred for his pictures. He likes cat lover items!
IMG_0122 Resized
Fortunately, both Bengals were just waking up from a nap, otherwise they would have torn everything apart in a flurry of plastic and insanity.
IMG_0126 Resized
Tyco...well. It wouldn't matter if he was wide awake or asleep, he'd pose like this either way.
IMG_0139 Resized
Ellie just wanted to sit on everything and lick the paper tops.


Shangching said...

Kitties are so cute!!! How do you handle four kids??

Sandpiper Cat Blog said...

Glad the goodies arrived. Congrats again for winning! Hope the kits liked it! Love Ellie's picture, they're all gorgeous cats!

GourmetPens said...

@Shangching - Oh man. When they were all young, they drove me absolutely insane. Fortunately, they're around 9 months now so they're shifting ever so slightly out of that insane mischievous destructive kitten phase! ... But just ever so slightly. Thank goodness for Tyco who helps me parent these crazy youngins!

@Sandpiper - Thank you :D I have to keep the tissue paper away from them for sure... they go nuts for this stuff!

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