Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mailbox Goodies: Sandpiper Cat Blog & Three Dogz

A few weeks ago, I entered to win some Three Dogz goodies at Sandpiper Cat Blog! Being a bit of a cat lady, I was rather excited about this. A few days ago, we received our package from Rachel (thanks Rachel!!) and before I opened up the prizes individually, I had to do some pictures with the furballs here.
IMG_0120 Resized
The prize included: paw print tissue paper,  a cat lover mouse pad, a cat lover coaster, a cat lover pencil, and cat shaped paper clips. I mean, paper clips in shapes of cats?! This is not unlike my excitement over the Midori cat paperclips I reviewed a little while ago!

Without further ado...
IMG_0121 Resized
Koa purred for his pictures. He likes cat lover items!
IMG_0122 Resized
Fortunately, both Bengals were just waking up from a nap, otherwise they would have torn everything apart in a flurry of plastic and insanity.
IMG_0126 Resized
Tyco...well. It wouldn't matter if he was wide awake or asleep, he'd pose like this either way.
IMG_0139 Resized
Ellie just wanted to sit on everything and lick the paper tops.


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