Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whiskers & Paws: February 2012 Edition

Pretending they're angelic...
IMG_1906 Resized

IMG_2110 Resized
Peaches - 8 lbs.
IMG_2083 Resized
Koa - 12 lbs.
Sweet as pie, all the time.
IMG_2115 Resized
Ellie - 7 lbs.
IMG_1966 Resized
IMG_1989 Resized
Tyco - 15 lbs. (Kittens keep this boy trim).
IMG_2062 Resized


Shangching CH said...

The picture of Peaches and Koa is so snuggly and sweet!  It is like a Hallmark moment.  Ellie is so slender, and Tyco... just majestic :)  
You are lucky to be surrounded by all these adorable kitties.

Heynewgirl said...

Who needs to pretend

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