Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Associated Addictions: Jstory Index Fun Tab Rabbit Stickers

What is an associated addiction? Things that aren’t pens or paper, but associated stationery addictions, such as pencil cases, animal shaped paperclips, and index stickers.
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Back in December, I entered a giveaway at SuperEggplant, sponsored by JetPens. Big surprise that it was for an adorable, highly desirable article: the Jstory index fun tab stickers in “rabbit”! 

These cuties are pretty cool. 
- Three sheets in the packet, and seven rabbits on each page. 
- Stick to pages on both sides so no matter what way you look at your stuff, you’ll see the cute little rabbit face! And it helps keep it in place better. 
- Easy to peel off and move to another page, if you want to.
- Sturdy but bendy so they won’t break or wear out quickly.
- Adorable. (Most important quality).
IMG_1418 Resized
See more bunnies

JetPens - $2.50 

Conclusions from this post: these little index stickers are super cute and are available in other animals and shapes as well. You absolutely should acquire some. Secondly, you should follow Mariko at SuperEggplant: Adventures in knitting, sewing, baking, and life. Possibly the best things ever, right?


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