Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pens For Guest Books

A reader recently asked if I had any suggestions for pens that would be appropriate for writing in a photo book/guestbook type book at their upcoming wedding. Typically, this means the paper will be thick and often is coated or glossy. She was worried about smudging as people wrote in the books so this could be alleviated by pens that dry quickly to reduce chances of smudging.
IMG_1712 Resized
The results are pretty obvious: on coated cardstock-type paper, Sharpie markers win hands down. They dry almost instantly and I couldn't smudge it. Although they may not be sparkly and glittery and super cute to look at (like these), Sharpies come in a wide variety of colors that can be quite pretty for almost any occasion! And they'll do the job well. The Pilot Hi-Tec C came in a pretty close second - fast drying and almost no smudging.

Has anyone else been through this before and found the perfect pen?


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