Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Pink Ikea Sketchbook

I recently won this awesome sketchbook at Anika’s blog: Aisforanika. Thank you Anika for holding this great giveaway and sharing this sketchbook that I ever so much love now!
Ikea sketchbook front Resized
Sorry about the intense color on the left there...
This sketchbook has is a hardcover sweet pink raspberry color. It’s sort of a fabric with textured trees. It is also coiled (real metal coils!) with plain white paper and an elastic to hold it closed. The advantage to real coils is: my cats can’t destroy them when they inevitably try to eat them (oh the joy of bengals), and these coils are really smooth for turning the page. The paper is surprisingly decent - smooth with just the right amount of tooth. It's a bit on the thin side, but I can't complain much about that. It's a steal at a few dollars. Let's hope Ikea brings it back!
Ikea Gel Pen Samples Resized
Takes gel inks really well
Ikea FP samples Resized
Fountain pen ink bleeds through but that's not a big deal either.
Ink Test Bleeding Resized
Just messing around.
The best part about this sketchbook though is the removable lined plastic sheet which can be used behind each page for a writing guide, or to catch bleed through (and because it’s plastic, the bleed through can be easily wiped off!). 
Ikea Paper Ruler Resized
Ah! The highlight!
IMG_2244 Resized
I don’t usually care for coils because they can also get squished and it wrecks the pages when you try to turn them. I am very pleased that these coils are so sturdy.  I love being able to turn pages completely, tucking them back, and being able to write with the cover acting like a clipboard. It’s just so comfy.

The only downside is the elastic is attached through the back cover with metal clasps and that has damaged the last page. Plus, when getting down to the last few pages, it leaves bumps in the paper so it’s a bit annoying to write on. However, it’s not a huge deal. 
IMG_2141 Resized
Poo. You've ruined my last page!
I am really enjoying doodling and writing in this journal. I so wish I could find more! I don’t know a whole lot about this journal because it was won in a giveaway, and I can’t find it ANYWHERE online (at Ikea, at least)! Apparently they’re not in Ikea stores anymore either so maybe it was just a temporary thing. I just wanted to share with you this awesome win, and how surprisingly great it is for the price!
IMG_2245 Resized
And look! More Sketchbook!


Shangching CH said...

I really like the thunderstorm landscape you did with the Uni-Ball; it reminds me of Zeus throwing thunderbolts in Greek mythology (don't ask how I make that association.  I promise I am not high).  
The stationery section at IKEA is much missed.  They do carry unique and nice quality paper items.

Peninkcillin said...

This looks great but how much is it exactly?

GourmetPens said...

I believe this one is $1.00... I'm not 100% sure and I can double check with Anika, but it's not more than $2.00! 

GourmetPens said...

Ooooh your description makes it sound so artistic!! I like that. I checked for them again the other day but they have definitely not brought them back. What a bummer. It's such a great little sketchbook! 

Shangching CH said...

That is the common thing at IKEA.  If you like it, you better grab it.  There is no guarantee that it will be there in your next visit!  I once waited for their craft paper for about 6 months. 

Peninkcillin said...

 Wow that's really cheap! I had no idea until now that Ikea sold notebooks.

Ferguson Cumberbatch said...

Far too pink for me, but otherwise looks like a winner. Good luck on your search to find more! 

anika said...

Hey! So great to see your review, and to see the sketchbook in action! I'm glad that it gets good marks from you overall. I agree with you about the metal clasps--not the smartest way to attach the elastic.  When I bought them, the original price was $2, but they had a special so I got them for $1.60 each! Even at $2 it's a steal!

GourmetPens said...

Confirmed: $1.60 ($2.00 but was on special). Not bad! I LOVE it! Lovelovelovelove.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Hey!! In case you get this, they now have their Christmas stock on clearance! They're NOT PINK! :D Silver-grey cover with silver snowflakes on it. They were something like $2 but $1 if you're an "Ikea Family" member (free to join)!

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