Friday, March 16, 2012 Review: Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape + Dispensers & Zebra Printed Duck Tape

Hello folks! I see you're here to check out the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape, the Duck E-Z Start Premium Packaging Tape with dispenser, and the Zebra Printed Duck Tape - a set of office supplies sent by Shoplet for review!
IMG_2507 Resized
Quite the sticky package!
In case you didn't know, I love tape. I consider it one of those associated addictions of pen-love. I have always had a thing for Duck tape and Kevin (for some unfathomable reason...) wouldn't let me get any so when I opened up this surprise shipment, I was thrilled to see it full of Duck tape!!

Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape - $14.91 per pack

This hefty pack of three includes 2 rolls (1.88" x 60 yards) and a bonus roll (1.88" x 30 yards) and two green plastic dispensers. The dispensers are green plastic that cradle the rolls of tape and have a serrated edge for tearing tape. The rolls of tape themselves are - yes, I mean this - very attractive! They are thick rolls and the tape is crystal clear - it's easy to see straight down to the roll. I believe packaging tape looks best when it's clear so these rolls already impress me with their clarity!

What Do I Like?
I love that this tape is glossy and clear. That caught my eyeballs instantly! I was amazed by how quiet this roll of tape operates - usually packing tape has that loud KSSSZZZZT sound when you pull it (a sound I hate) but this stuff is amazing and actually quiet. There's little tabs before the edge that hold the open end of the tape so you never have to dig around the roll to peel back the last bit you used (I also hated doing this because I'd make a mess and never tear evenly - something I hate MORE than digging around the roll!). Despite the bigger size of these dispensers and tape rolls, it's still easy to use by yourself.
IMG_2520 Resized
Note the little pokey arms that hold the tape in place - and the roller on the left (the Duck E-Z Start Premium Packaging Tape With Dispenser featured below) for gliding over boxes and such. Also note the size difference. Isn't the baby one adorable?!
What Don't I Like?
A few things concern me about this particular product. The dispenser feels "loose". It works perfectly well but it doesn't feel very snug and it feels like it may break if dropped, so be careful! Furthermore, all three rolls are wrapped in plastic. I think there could be a better way to package these products with less plastic so let's hope Duck gets on that! And, as usual...I think the dispensers should be made of recycled plastic, and the cardboard on the inside should be recycled materials as well.

Duck E-Z Start Premium Packaging Tape With Dispenser - $4.73
This pack is a metallic silver plastic one-handed dispenser with a 55 yard roll of tape. Compared to the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape, this dispenser is much smaller and obviously meant to be easily used with one hand. It also has the same amazing crystal clear look (with twice the thickness) and I can see right through to the roll in the middle. It looks so clean and beautiful that I was hesitant to use it! Imagine how pretty this will make your packages look when you send them off to your pen pals!

What Do I Like?
Just like the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape, I love this crystal clear tape and glossy looks! It's really quiet to use (again, no KSSSZZZT - or however I spelled it last) and I love the size of the dispenser and tape roll. This is a preferred size for me. I will be putting this into my regular stationery drawer for packing parcels and such.

What Don't I Like?
The dispenser should be made of recycled plastic, and the cardboard on the inside should be recycled materials as well.
Zebra Printed Duck Tape - $5.99
IMG_2519 Resized
This is a 10 yard single roll of duct tape with a zebra design! I have always loved duct tape since I was younger (I really don't know why but I do recall making a duct tape wallet but without instructions... believe me, it was difficult to make that without sticking tape to everything) and I have been itching to get a "color" roll of duct tape from this brand for awhile (this is particular what Kevin wouldn't let me get...hmph!).

What Do I Like?
This is a fun pattern and makes boring, bland grey duct tape look...well...boring. No compromise in the quality of the product - it's just more fun than your run-of-the-mill duct tape! I have sampled mine to funkify my pink Sharpie, and also to identify mine from Kevin's (because the colors aren't obvious, right?).
IMG_2545 Resized
Obviously, I could not live without this funky duct tape because I MUST do this to all my Sharpies.
Great for the work place! And I ripped it by myself -  no scissors needed! It's not disgustingly tacky and holds very well (a far cry from the duct tape I used to make my duct tape wallet... maybe that's why it was such a mess). It even can be smushed flat on to whatever surface you're sticking it, preventing unsightly bumps in the tape. Everyone should have a roll of duct tape around the home - they always come in handy.
IMG_2544 Resized
It's a bit messy but not as bad as most duct tapes.
What Don't I Like?
This whole roll of tape is plastic-covered. I think it's a waste of packaging and if it's necessary to protect the extra sticky ends of duct tape, perhaps Duck can come up with a way to just cover the sides of the roll and not the entire thing (including the empty space in the middle of the roll). Once again, this doesn't affect the performance of the product! Like the other products, I wish the cardboard on the inside was made of recycled materials.

I love all these products! I looove tape and these three rolls are premium quality - no cheap junk here! They are glossy, crystal clear, and very pretty. They perform very well - quietly and effectively - and are well worth it. I wish there were some recycled materials incorporated into these products and a bit less packaging. If these changes are made, I'll be a 100% happy camper!

Disclaimer and reminder: These office supplies were sent for review by Shoplet. I was not paid to write this review, but I do get to keep these cool products.


mary jane ong said...

did you know that there are hello kitty designed ones?

GourmetPens said...

... I did not know this. Oh my god. I must acquire it!!!! Surely that is far more useful than zebra print, right?! HAhA Kevin is going to be so disturbed.

Shangching CH said...

How does it compare to the packaging tape by 3M?  I vaguely remembered that I used to use packaging tape by Duck, but switched to 3M shortly after.  Does the tape jumble easily?  I had tape in the past that just like to twirl after I dispense it, did not seal the package but itself :x

GourmetPens said...

No jumbling! Well, not in the dispenser at least - those little tabs on the end hold the end in place so it's quite difficult to jumble itself. Ahh 3M. Classic. I have not personally tried 3M packaging tape but I'll get a roll when these ones are done :)

Shangching CH said...

If you want to try a roll, I can send one to you.  I bought a whole package from Costco.

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