Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Pentel EnerGel Euro Black 0.5 mm Needle Point

I am usually a big fan of Pentel pens, and in particular, I really like the EnerGel series. I didn't even realize Pentel made the EnerGel in a liquid ink needle point so I was pretty excited to try this pen out!
Pentel EnerGel Euro Resized
This pen classifies itself as a liquid gel pen. I'm not sure how it differs from a liquid ink or a gel ink pen, but it is a top notch performer so I won't complain. Overall, it's modern and simple, in a good way - it's good for any setting!

The body is the typical size one would expect from a gel ink or liquid ink pen. Average barrel size, average length, etc. This pen differs in its gorgeous color - it's a deep royal blue with a very subtle sheen that makes it look almost glittery, but not quite (so it remains masculine in the best way possible). The body widens towards the cap. The cap itself is cool - the end indicates the color of the ink, and denotes the nib size. It also has sweet slices on it which makes it look like it moves super fast through the water. Or something.

There's a small latex-free grip that has fun swirls on it. It's not a cushioned grip so don't expect it to soften your grip - it's just there so your fingers don't slip around as you write. The clip is chrome colored which I usually don't like but it matches this pen well (and only the clip is chromed colored so it's not overwhelming). It has an angled edge so it glides onto your stack of papers for clipping purposes.

One of my favorite things about this pen is the wicked snug CLICK of the cap when you close the pen or post it. It is one of the most satisfying, seductive clicks I have ever experienced in a pen and for that alone, I want to have a million of these pens and place them everywhere so I can click them at whim.

How does it write?
IMG_2474 Resized
Well, if you have ever tried the Pentel EnerGel series, you know that they're fabulous and this pen is no different. It writes great - smooth and solid black lines, even though it's a 0.5 mm. The needle point stays true to the 0.5 mm size too! I loved doodling with this because I was able to do such fine detail with little effort - I can only imagine how awesome the 0.35 mm tip is.
IMG_2458 Resized
This took a long time.
IMG_2459 Resized
Sometimes with needle points, they tend to skip or collect fibers from the paper and get clogged - but it doesn't happen with this one. The tip isn't so sharp that it scratches, and it doesn't skip, even after just sitting in my drawer for awhile. It's great to write with. Also, the nib section looks like a teeny weeny little rocket ship.
EnerGel Side By Side Resized
Pentel EnerGels - Euro needle point on top, gel ink on bottom.
It barely bled through my Ikea notebook and the paper in that isn't all that thick, so if you like liquid ink pens but are always worried about the bleed through, this one may be a saviour! It didn't smudge or smear while I was doodling my Zentangle, which is good for left-handed writers. And as I was doodling, the ink dried almost instantly. This pen really has a lot going for it.

Another thing I love about this pen (yeah, I know, you're probably sick of hearing me harp about the earth and whatnot) is that it's part of the Pentel Recycology program. In this case, the body is made of 54% recycled material. Yes, it's not 100%, but it's better than nothing, right?
IMG_2473 Resized
Given that it's part of the Recycology program, you'd think it would be refillable but it's not. Maybe Pentel will change that in the future...

That, and as usual, there aren't enough colors available. The regular EnerGels come in purple and green in addition to the regular colors - why is there no purple and green for the Euros?? I think that would be awesome.

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JetPens - $2.75

I am a big fan of this pen - great design, great *click*, and it writes really smoothly as well as consistently. I wish I was back in school because I'd put a few of these in my pencil case. If you haven't tried these and you like liquid inks, gel inks, needle points, or the EnerGel series, you should try the EnerGel Euro!


Shangching CH said...

I have not written with a liquid gel ink for ages.  It sure brings back memory, since it was the go-to ink while I was in elementary school.  Thank you for a detailed review.  You are just great at motivating addict getting more pens... ;)

GourmetPens said...

I am a proud enabler!! It's a really nice pen though. I LOVE the color of the body... wish there was an ink in this exact color...

Kenthenoob said...

i'm not a fan of their needle point. the ball tip fell out on me once and the refill is kind of useless now. it doesn't even write like a rapidograph, lol.

GourmetPens said...

Whoa. That's never happened to me before! Ahh rapidographs are so nice but I imagine more expensive than these?

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