Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: @FieldNotesBrand Night Sky Edition Notebooks

Field Notes Night Sky Shipment & Pencil

Size: 3.5 x 5.5 inches
Color: White
Ruling: Reticle Graph
Page Count: 48-page
Price: $9.95 (individuals sold out, subscriptions still available)
Where to buy: Field Notes
Field Notes Night Sky Front
Field Notes Night Sky Paper
Field Notes Night Sky
These are the 19th Field Notes COLORS edition, featuring black covers with white paper inside and very cool ruling - not quite dots, not quite grids. The ruling is a light grey reticle graph that makes me think of a star. The back of each of the three notebooks has different clusters of constellations seen in the early, mid, and late summer sky in holo-foil.
Field Notes Night Sky Back
This awesomeness is topped off with glossy black staples, because silver staples would be ridiculous, of course.
Field Notes Night Sky Paper
Field Notes Night Sky

I am a Field Notes COLORS subscriber because I love these notebooks, and I love getting them in the mail. I use them for just about everything on-the-go, and around the house. The paper has a neat feeling to it - like it wants to be used. It borders on sounding and feeling like it's thin and crinkly, but it's not really thin. It wants to be written on. Which is hard to do because it's really cool.

The paper is good with ballpoints, pencils, and gel pens. They're not really meant for fountain pens, but I have plenty of nice gel pens that I enjoy still.
Field Notes Night Sky Writing Sample
The point is this: gel pens? Yes. Fountain pens? Not really. Unless it's a dry, fine nib. Or a dry wide nib that distributes an even amount of ink (such as the Pilot Parallel 6.0mm swab as seen here). Otherwise, you'll get bleed through.
Field Notes Night Sky Writing Sample Back of Page
  • Gorgeous, unique notebooks.
  • Isn't that enough?
  • Pocket-sized.
Field Notes Night Sky Insides
  • If fountain pens are what you want to use these with, you'll be very limited.

A few retailers may still have individual packs of the Night Sky notebooks, or you can sign up for a yearly COLORS subscription to get them (um... I'd do it for these). Otherwise, you can just enjoy the pictures of how cool they are. If you get a chance to pick up a set, do it. 


edjelley said...

You beat me to it!

These are the best looking pocket notebooks out there right now, I almost don't even want to write in them. I should have followed your lead and picked up two sets :( .

Great review!

Michelle N Tremblay said...

Soo pretty. Wish they were more fp friendly. :(

Estivalia said...

those are super pretty! I don't have any Field Notes notebooks and granted, I have more paper than life to write in them, but I can't say no to a cute one. And this is really cute, with all the little details.

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