Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: Set of 3 Handy Bookmarks

Handy Bookmarks
These bookmarks were a gift from my sweet neighbors at home in Winnipeg! I've had them in the review queue but couldn't find this particular set for sale online. There is a set of Handy Bookmarks in different colors to this set available at Crate & Barrel though, and they're cute. One, two, three...
Handy Bookmarks
These are metal bookmarks coated in a plastic-type material so the bookmarks are smooth and slide easily on paper. You know how bookmarks like this work. They slide on to your paper. They stick out. Easy peasy. They're fun. That's about it! I read a lot and I use bookmarks all the time because I hate to bend my pages, so these come in very...handy.

I couldn't resist.
Handy Bookmarks
Where To Buy: Crate & Barrel
Price: $4.95


Jackie Parkins said...

Those are too cool!

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