Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Omas Hong Kong Red (1997) Fountain Pen Ink

This unique and rather interesting ink was a sample sent to me by Steven - thank you! This is Omas Hong Kong Red - released in 1997 and only 1997, so I am lucky to get to try it. 

Omas Hong Kong Red 1997 Swab 1x 3x
Color: Red
Price/Where to buy: Irrelevant as it is not a current inventory ink!
Omas Hong Kong Red 1997
Pretty sure that 50 second smudge on the wet line was an anomaly.
Omas Hong Kong Red 1997  Back of Page
July 12. 2013 - iPhone 037
Quite vibrant in broad nibs and the flow keeps up well. Much deeper in a really, really wet nib.
Omas Hong Kong Red 1997

  • Nice shading. 
  • Fast drying time.
  • Good flow.
  • Looks great in broad/wet/flex nibs.
Omas Hong Kong Red 1997 Shading
Omas Hong Kong Red 1997
  • Fairly light in fine nibs
  • Not a very versatile colour.
  • Not water resistant.

This is a very interesting colour. I'm not entirely sure I would have purchased a bottle when it was available without having tried it, but I am certainly pleased to have tried a sample. I do not dislike it - I've never met an ink colour I don't like - I think it's wonderful in the Waterman 52V. It has some very nice shading qualities and great flow. Given that it's not available anymore, if a bottle became available at a reasonable price, I'd probably get it. But I'm an Ink Harlot.

Thank you again, Steven!


Michelle Smith said...

This is gorgeous! Also, I love the phrase "ink harlot." I think I must qualify, too.

Bob McConnell said...

Thanks for the review, I have enough red hues right now but this one may be on deck and I did notice how much pen cleaning you must have to do after one of these reviews. All Those Lamy All Stars! all for us, your readers, rock on and thanks

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