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Review: @SulaJaneandEarl 4 Pen Wrap - Kelly Green

When one has pens, one needs pen carrying items. When one has many pens, one needs many pen carrying items. One of said many items is this brilliant kelly green Sula Jane and Earl leather writing sheaf/pen wrap. Thank you Kelly for sending this over for review!
Sula Jane and Earl 4 Pen Wrap - Kelly Green

Size: 6.25" x 10" with a 12" tuck-in strap
Color: Kelly Green
Price: $42.00USD
Where to buy: Sula Jane and Earl


This four pen writing sheaf is lovely. Lying flat, there are four compartments with a secondary flap that covers them partially. The wrap can be rolled up and closed with the tuck-in strap. The edges are hand-stitched with color-matched thread and the edges are color-matched to the body as well. The SJ&E logo is debossed on the back, in a corner of the pen wrap. It is very tasteful and elegant. The kelly green color is brilliant and gorgeous! (Of course, so are all the other colors...)
Sula Jane and Earl 4 Pen Wrap - Kelly Green Empty

Like the single pen sleeve, the writing sheaf has really nice, lightly pebbled leather that is awesome to touch. It is soft with solid construction. It is supple enough to bend around and wrap and roll up without a problem. The pen compartments are snug and will hug your pen safely, but also stretch to accommodate larger pens. The upper flap seems unnecessary because the compartments are so snug, I highly doubt any pen would ever fall out. It also makes it impossible to remove a pen without unwrapping the whole sheaf.
Sula Jane and Earl 4 Pen Wrap - Kelly Green Open
The pen wrap held my Pelikan M1005 - a pretty substantial pen, and a fountain pen as slim as my Pilot Cavalier. Even full of pens, the wrap is not bulky. The leather molds around the pens and squishes nicely. Oh man I love it.
Sula Jane and Earl 4 Pen Wrap - Kelly Green
 To maintain the supple feel and lovely appearance, the pen wrap can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Use a leather conditioner, as needed. 

  • Lightly pebbled, all natural leather construction.
  • Hand drawn, cut and sewn.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Available in many (gorgeous) colors. 
Sula Jane and Earl 4 Pen Wrap - Kelly Green
  • This information is from Goulet Pens: Each pen sheath is made of genuine chrome-tanned leather. Chrome tanned leather may tarnish silver and other metals prone to tarnishing if a writing instrument is stored in them for a prolonged period of time. Using the products to transport for daily use, however, should not result in tarnish or wear to the metal. 

Once again, another gorgeous product by Sula Jane and Earl. These high quality, hand made leather pen wraps would be a wonderful accessory for yourself and your pens, or as a gift for a pen-crazed friend (or just a whole bunch for yourself). There's a color available that is sure to make everyone happy!

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This brilliant pen wrap was sent for review by Sula Jane and Earl. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions here are 100% my own and not influenced in any way. Except by the awesome product.


mjcong said...

you got another one?

Mike Grove said...

Hey, I got one of those (in 'Plum'). I think they're fabulous and well worth the price, though I felt that pens like the big Pelikans were fractionally too long for this size wrap - maybe I should try harder since the leather is super soft and malleable...oooh...

Azizah Asgarali said...

I did. Gifts :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

LOOOOVE the plum colour. Delectable. And yes- you can totally smush out the gooshy leather with a big pen! :D

Bob McConnell said...

I love SJE products. I own a single pen sleeve of theirs. I've never been a penwrap person though as I always thought the exposed part of the pens would bang up against each other in transit. Any opins on that? Thanks for the review and your photog skills really show off that green.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Definitely not in these pen wraps - they are completely covered and safe. The flap covers the caps and the exposed part of the bodies that aren't covered by the compartments. They are very well-designed wraps.

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