Monday, September 23, 2013

Dallas Pen Show 2013 Goodies

Hey there! This weekend was the Dallas Pen Show and I made it out on Saturday (though I really wish I could have made it on Friday too because one day was most certainly not enough). This won't be a show recap though, just a goodies recap. And I was COMPLETELY reasonable, seriously. It's almost scary how reasonable I was...

Here we have the goods!

I thought this pen was hideous. It still kind of is. But when I saw it in person, I couldn't resist it. Popped a broad nib on it while hanging around at the Anderson Pens row of tables and that's the pen I had to have (and the only one I could afford, really).
Dallas Pen Show Goodies
The Palomino pencil is a SOFT. Oh I cannot wait to sharpen it! Thanks Tiffany! The Stipula Calamo ink is Florentine Red and I also picked that up at the Anderson Pens ink corner. There is also the Mermaid and Damselfish by Scribal Workshop inks, and Noodler's Blue Steel, made for Dromgoole's.
Dallas Pen Show Goodies
The cat card... is from a truck stop. I think it captures my love of cats and sampling ink. Don't you?

Unbelievable calligraphy. I'm sure you can all guess who wrote this... Watching Michael Sull write this was incredible. I'll include a video in my pen show recap.
Dallas Pen Show Goodies


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