Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink @JetPens @stipula_1948

I have been curious about this ink for quite some time. Never could bring myself to get it because I kept thinking, well, I have so many inks already. ... That fact never changed, I just got it anyway. Here it is: Stipula Calamo Musk Green. I picked it up at JetPens.
JetPens Order
Stipula Calamo Musk Green Swab
Color: Green
Bottle: 70 ml
Price: $19.00
Price/ml: $0.27/ml
Where to buy: JetPens
  • Unique green colour. 
  • Dark enough in a wet pen to be work appropriate.
  • Glass bottle is treated to protect ink from light exposure. 
  • Good shading.
  • Easy to clean out. 
  • Fast drying time.
  • Water resistant - although colour of ink will change and do strange things to the back of the page. 
  • Wide mouth bottle.
April 26 - 27. 2013 - iPhone 063
April 26 - 27. 2013 - iPhone 062
  • Somewhat dry.
  • Deep bottle - ink starts quite low in the bottle (designed for the Stipula Netto filling system).

I find this ink to be a most curious colour. Musk green really describes it perfectly and it looks lovely in a range of pens and nibs. As it is dry, it is best used in a wet pen, or nibs that do not demand a lot of ink. I am very fond of this colour! The design of the bottle isn't ideal for filling a converter from because the ink starts very low so I always get ink on my fingers. This doesn't bother me but some people like to "fill their pens in a clean manner" or something... crazy! There's no reason I wouldn't recommend this ink.


Nikira said...

Cool, you got me interested.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Good! It's a really nice ink! Very unique colour, in my humble opinion :) Not too "out there" for daily use.

Ken said...

damn another "green" ink I'll need to get. There is something appealling about its colours - It will go well with my MuskGreen Visconti VanGogh (which is a mix of tan,green and brown). Sort of similar to Noodler's Burma Road Brown.
The incised writing on the cap looks good too.

Azizah Asgarali said...

OH YES. Lovely match that would be. Boy, if I had to pick a Van Gogh, that would be the one I'd pick - I love that one.

JustDaveyB said...

Yes, looks very similar to Noodler's Burma Road Brown. Oh well another to add to the wants list...

Daniel said...

It reminds me of the (sadly no-longer-available) Sailor Jentle Rikyu-Cha, which I really like. I may have to seek this one out.

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