Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink @JetPens @stipula_1948

I have been curious about this ink for quite some time. Never could bring myself to get it because I kept thinking, well, I have so many inks already. ... That fact never changed, I just got it anyway. Here it is: Stipula Calamo Musk Green. I picked it up at JetPens.
JetPens Order
Stipula Calamo Musk Green Swab
Color: Green
Bottle: 70 ml
Price: $19.00
Price/ml: $0.27/ml
Where to buy: JetPens
  • Unique green colour. 
  • Dark enough in a wet pen to be work appropriate.
  • Glass bottle is treated to protect ink from light exposure. 
  • Good shading.
  • Easy to clean out. 
  • Fast drying time.
  • Water resistant - although colour of ink will change and do strange things to the back of the page. 
  • Wide mouth bottle.
April 26 - 27. 2013 - iPhone 063
April 26 - 27. 2013 - iPhone 062
  • Somewhat dry.
  • Deep bottle - ink starts quite low in the bottle (designed for the Stipula Netto filling system).

I find this ink to be a most curious colour. Musk green really describes it perfectly and it looks lovely in a range of pens and nibs. As it is dry, it is best used in a wet pen, or nibs that do not demand a lot of ink. I am very fond of this colour! The design of the bottle isn't ideal for filling a converter from because the ink starts very low so I always get ink on my fingers. This doesn't bother me but some people like to "fill their pens in a clean manner" or something... crazy! There's no reason I wouldn't recommend this ink.


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