Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 912 - #10 PO Nib @PilotPenUSA

Well, this object of enabling was on loan to me by a very kind man whose name is likely familiar to you all - Thomas. Why? Because this pen has also been in the hands of Mr. Dowdy - a.k.a The Pen Addict. This pen gets around a bit, doesn't it? I must thank Thomas so very much for trusting me with this treasure and allowing me the opportunity to fall in love with this pen. Here it is - the Pilot Custom Heritage 912.

Body Material:
Trim: Rhodium
Origins: Japan
Length (capped): 5.5"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 4.9"
Length (posted): 6.2"
Barrel Diameter: 0.5"
Section Diameter: 0.44"
Nib material: Rhodium plated gold
Weight: 26g/0.9oz
Fill type: Converter (CON-70)
Price: ~ $180.00 - 200.00USD
Where to buy: Engeika
                      Fountain Pen Japan

My goodness. The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 is a simple, gorgeous pen. It's a decent size - not huge, not small - with a black body and highlighted with rhodium trim. Blunt ends. Look at it. Metal ring at the cap, center band, gorgeous clip. This is a classic, elegant design that I think appeals to a huge audience. And if it doesn't, you're probably insane.

April 28. 2013 - iPhone 069
April 28. 2013 - iPhone 071

April 28. 2013 - iPhone 072
This PO nib is utterly fascinating and it's rather attractive. PO stands for posting nib, one of the nibs offered by Pilot. The nib itself is, like the rest of the pen, gorgeous. The nib is rather hard and writes extra-fine. It's very smooth, but also very crisp and precise, laying down a wet line, but not one that spreads or feathers. The lovely thing about the design of this nib is that it allows just about anyone to write very, very small. In fact, I prefer writing with this nib over a regular extra-fine nib. Clearly I need one now.
April 28. 2013 - iPhone 068
The posting nib was designed by Pilot especially for Japan’s early post office cards/soft, loose paper. This made perfect sense to me because when I started writing with it, I realized how little pressure was required for writing, on various writing surfaces. (Like writing on my lap, which is very difficult with a regular nib.)
September 1 - 4. 2013 - iPhone 100
September 1 - 4. 2013 - iPhone 104
I am pleased with the CON-70 converter as well. It holds a decent amount of ink, especially for this extra-fine nib.

This pen was obviously made for my hand. It has an ideal weight. I can comfortably and very easily write with it posted and/or unposted. In the interest of not leaving micro scratches on the pen body from posting, I wrote with it unposted. This pen is ridiculous. It's so comfortable and warm and delightful. Like I said, so little pressure is required for the pen to write that it just makes it that much more pleasing to write with.
Top to bottom: Italix Parson's Essential, Pilot Custom Heritage 912, Namiki Falcon.
  • Oh, just its ridiculous, simple, perfect beauty.
  • Wicked, crisp, precise nib.
  • Smooth writer.
  • Allows for fast writing.
  • Writes with very little pressure.
  • Takes a bit of effort to secure one. But it's worth the effort ten times over.

The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 fountain pen is an elegant, beautiful pen. It's obviously simple and clean cut, but there is no doubt it is very appealing, and its performance is second to none. I don't have very many Pilot pens and I can't help but think this will be my next. The body of this pen is lovely but the nib is just too awesome to ignore. Must start looking for one.

Like Brad, I also do not want to send this back to Thomas...


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