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Review: Delta Titanio Galassia Fountain Pen @ThePenCompany @YafaPen

Would you believe this is the first Delta that actually belongs to me? Thank you to Anna and Tom from The Pen Company for sending me this to review and pet!! Check out SBRE Brown's review of this pen as well!

Delta Titanio Galassia Capped
Body Material: Resin
Trim: Titanium
Length (capped): 140 mm
Length (uncapped nib-end): 127 mm
Length (posted): 168 mm
Barrel Diameter: 15 mm
Section Diameter: 13 mm
Nib material: Titanium
Weight: 30 g
Fill type: Cartridge/converter
Price: £236.00 (£196.67 excluding VAT)
Where to buy: The Pen Company

Delta Titanio Galassia Box 1
This Delta arrived with interesting packaging - a heavy duty cardboard box with a lovely label on the front. Inside was a foam box with a rotating, smooth plastic lid, held in place with an elastic. Once out of the way, the plastic lid reveals an hourglass-like shape in the foam that houses the Titanio Galassia. It is cool packaging and keeps the pen very safe, but I actually like the cardboard box more than the pen box. Yeah, I might be part cat.
Delta Titanio Galassia Box 2
Delta Titanio Galassia Box 3
Delta Titanio Galassia Capped
Delta Titanio Galassia Uncapped
The Delta Titanio Galassia is a thick black resin pen with blunt ends and a ring motif. The end and cap have thin rings of titanium, whereas the body has three rings of grey resin (also available with orange or red resin). The clip is articulated and is rhodium plated. It has a simple profile and appearance. The titanium nib matches the motif of the pen. The pen is individually numbered on the cap. Posted, the cap is not quite flush with the body but it posts deeply.
Delta Titanio Galassia Posted
Delta Titanio Galassia Posted Clip Wobbly
Off center clip.
Inside, the converter is unremarkable but functional. 
Delta Titanio Galassia Insides
Delta Titanio Galassia Nib
The nib, like all titanium, is a matte grey that looks rather dull when you are used to shiny fountain pen nibs. There are small flourishes on the nibs as well as two nibs back to back. The nib is labeled Delta, as well as with the nib width - in this case, M for medium.
Delta Titanio Galassia Writing Sample
The lightest touch to paper allows for normal writing (without flex) with this nib. Ink flows well with the converter set up with normal writing. Without flex, the Titanio Galassia is a wet writing pen with a smooth nib. With such a wet line being put down, inks that shade look great in this pen.

Titanium nibs have great spring to them and this one is quite sensitive - just a small amount of pressure will spread the tines and give line variation. Although the pen writes very wetly when writing normally, when flexing constantly, the feed runs dry much quicker so I did find that with flex, the pen was more dry. Writing slowly helps this, which is something that typically needs to be done with flex pens anyway. It's also easy to flex the nib too much and cause railroading. The nib is so springy that it's hard to notice when you're going "too far" so one must pay attention when flexing. Tines can be sprung! It takes a lot of pressure to do that but you still must pay attention until you get the hang of it. I have yet to spring a nib though!

In both cases, the nib writes quite smoothly. When flexing on hard paper, there is a little bit of feedback that I love to listen to. I use this as a marker of how far I am flexing and whether I am pushing the nib too much. The sound of the nib becoming too scratchy is an indicator the ink is about to run dry. A good, simple audio feedback system.


The Delta Titanio Galassia feels quite nice in hand. I thought at first glance it would be too thick but because it's such a lightweight pen, it isn't uncomfortable to hold and write with. Posted, it's the perfect weight and balance for writing with.

Delta Titanio Galassia Writing Sample


I think the Delta Titanio Galassia is most interesting - a very lovely design and attractive appearance. Surely you know by now I'm crazy about wet writers and any nib that flexes, so this pen certainly appeals to me. I was disappointed by how easily the feed ran dry while flexing, but of course, this isn't designed to be a "flex pen" - it just has a nib that is capable of flexing because of its properties. Nevertheless, it can be used as a flex pen if you are slow and steady. Having used other titanium nibs with flex that are three times the price, I think the Delta Titanio Galassia is a very good option if you are looking for a flexible titanium nib fountain pen.

If you are looking for something a little less wild (price-wise, that is), check out the other Delta fountain pens The Pen Company carries. They also have a great variety of fountain pens overall. There are non-titanium  nib options there as well, if you don't like such soft nibs.

I received this pen free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


Mike Grove said...

Fascinating - I was expecting a Titanium nib to be very hard and rigid! Also, it's a very nice looking pen indeed. Not so in-yer-face as the Delta Dolce Vita :-)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Yeah, it's super cool isn't it?? The orange and red-striped body look more like the classic Delta pens, which is why I went with the grey. Much more toned down look. The nib is SO neat, I'm quite impressed with titanium nibs lately - at least by this one. It's not inexpensive but it has better flow and flex than my (unmodified) Falcon does.

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