Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: @Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens

Thank you to Sebastian, once again, for providing this sample for review!
@Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens

Body Material: Aluminum
Length: 5.6"
Diameter: 0.4"
Weight: 0.70oz
Price: $45.50USD
Where to buy: JetPens

 @Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens
The Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder came packaged in a plastic sleeve, inside the classic Kaweco metal tin. It is nestled safely inside a plastic molded felt bed so there is no damage to the body. The tins are very efficient and are cool enough to keep, and can be quite convenient for future use. I like them.
@Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens
@Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens
The 2mm lead holder is a very sleek looking writing utensil. The barrel is octagonal and the aluminum body is an anodized black matte finish. It's very attractive. The knock at the top matches the body and has ridges around it and the top has the Kaweco logo in silver. On the body, Kaweco Special 2.0 Germany is written in small script. The appearance is quite elegant. The tip narrows where the lead extends.
@Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens

The 2mm lead on this pencil is very cool. The size is just large enough to offer a solid line, but can still remain crisp even with extended writing. If you turn the pencil on its side a little, you can use the side of the thick lead to lay down soft shading. The pencil is quite convenient for a variety of uses. I love the sharp tip, although after writing for awhile, the shape of the tip does change and it becomes less sharp, though it remains pointed. For such a thick lead, I prefer to keep it sharp though so I had to get a separate sharpener.
@Kaweco Special AL Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body @JetPens
The shape of the pencil and the long tip gives a nice area to grip and offers a lot of control of the lead. I really like that. Not that I can draw or anything, but it's great for writing with.

  • Attractive, elegant, sleek.
  • Well-balanced. 
  • Comfortable to hold and write/draw with for extended periods.
  • Be careful not to break the lead if you overextend it. (This is the case with all lead holders though.)
  • Requires a special sharpener (purchase separately).

Not being an artist, this pencil breaks even for me. I had to get a special sharpener for the lead to keep it sharp. The pros and cons break even. I certainly enjoy using it  and it is a well-made lead holder. It's very comfortable to use, and it looks great. At $45.50USD, unless you're an artist, or really need a lead holder, there are likely less expensive options out there.

I received this pencil free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. All opinions here belong to me.


Elizabeth Porter said...

It looks like an interesting leadholder, but I'd be worried about it sliding as I drew with it since it has no knurling....

Dries Pencilcaseblog said...

In the Cons, you mention the small eraser, but I'm pretty positive this 2.0 version doesn't have an eraser at all? Great review BTW, love the cat drawing ;)

Sharmon202 said...

$45.50, are they kidding? That should really be in the cons list.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I know. I suppose I compared it to their aluminum fountain pen which is something like $80 so I figured "well.$45 isn't THAT bad..".. it is a lead holder after all, and not just a mechanical pencil. Though there are certainly other more inexpensive options that I'm certain do the job just as well.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Ah yeah. Fair point. I am hardly a real artist lol. I don't notice any slipping, but I don't write intensely with it. I can take breaks with it so I can avoid that.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I... did not even notice that I left that in there. Thanks lol. It's from a previous review template. No eraser indeed.

Elizabeth Porter said...

Does it have the same finish as the al-sport series of fountain pens? I have trouble with that being slippery at times. :P

Dries Pencilcaseblog said...

Haha! few! I was almost freaking out because I couldn't find it on mine!

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