Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: @ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens

I gotta say... this is a good looking blue ink. Ever since I've used this, I've been drawn to anything described as cyan!
@ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens

Scribal Work Shop Mermaid Ink 
A cyan or turquoise fountain pen ink. Mermaids are creatures that are half fish, half human. Reported by fishermen and sailors the world over.  Believed by some to be misidentified manatees.

Color: Blue
Bottle: 60 ml
Price: $8.00USD
Price/ml: $0.13/ml
Where to buy: Anderson Pens
@ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens
@ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens
@ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens
@ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens
  • Beautiful cyan blue.
  • Affordable.
  • Cleans easily.
@ScribalWorkShop Mermaid Cyan Ink @AndersonPens
  • Drying time is a little long.
  • No water resistance.

This Mermaid Cyan ink is a lovely blue ink. I was quite taken with the colour as soon as I first inked my pens with it, and I usually don't care much for blue inks. It is well-behaved and actually shades - much more so than your average blue ink. Plus, it's quite affordable. Not too bad at all!


Jen said...

That third pass is gorgeous. I love jewel tones and it's really hard to find a blue that is sapphire like. This one would qualify.

Azizah Asgarali said...

It is! Just like a gem. It's a blue that got me, and that's hard to do!

Phinehas said...

I have some historic ink you should taste. They have a wine base with gum arabic which tastes like honey. The Iron in the iron gall tends to overwhelm that historic ink...anyway...Lucas Tucker

Mike said...

Maybe I'll have to try this one. I've never found a Scribal Work Shop ink that I've liked. The ones I've tried are super dry, and some of them had a weird smell to them.

Ashley Shell said...

Gorgeous color! so it seems to me that the smaller the nib (from EF to broad) depicts on how fast the ink dries, am I correct? At least with this ink?
And then taste...did you actually taste the ink? Wonderful review!

Kate H said...

Beautiful color!

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