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Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal

Ah, I love machined pens. They're nice and heavy, take various refills that I get to pick, and they usually feel great in hand. Here is The Shaker by Tactile Turn, sent over by Will Hodges. Thank you Will for giving me the chance to try out this great pen! Read on for a discount code!


Body Material: Aluminum
Trim: Steel
Length: 5.05"
Barrel Diameter: 0.46"
Weight: 1.1 oz/30 g
Fill type: Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint
Price: $65.00USD
Where to buy: TactileTurn

Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
The Shaker arrived in packaging I like the best - a very simple, very useful, very reusable plastic container that can be adjusted to the size of the writing instrument. It clicks open, clicks closed, and wastes very little space in shipping. It's a keeper!

Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
The Shaker is shorter than I expected, with a smooth rounded body, tapered nose, and steel hardware. The clip is long, extending to where the barrel unscrews. The knock is also steel. The tip and grip area is particularly unique, having a custom lay pattern to ensure better grip. However, it is comfortable and not sharp to hold.
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
Overall, it's an attractive, good-looking pen. The teal is appealing, but I think any of the other colours would be just as appealing, too.
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
The performance of this pen mostly comes down to which refill you select to use in it because the pen itself is yummy. The Shaker ships with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 ballpoint refill, which actually happens to be my favourite ballpoint refill! As such, I love the performance of this pen. Of course, the one it came with was black (not my favourite), but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. To my surprise, the black ink went well with the teal body. The pen body is nice and heavy and combined with such a smooth flowing ballpoint refill, the performance is stellar. I love the combination and I love the writing experience.

Here is a pretty long list of refills that fit The Shaker. Surely there is something you like on this list, if not the Easy Flow 9000.


The Shaker fits quite nicely in my hand as it is just over five inches long. As the clip is so long and extends so far down the barrel, I have to make sure the pen is rotated so the clip is facing away from my palm or else is presses into my thumb web (ugh... that was the most disgusting thing I've ever written) which is uncomfortable. It's not painful, just annoying. It's also easy to get around this by just rotating the pen in your grip.
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
I absolutely love the knock. It's smooth and resistance-free, and it's virtually silent. The Shaker is a joy to hold in hand and click, un-click, click, un-click, over and over. I love it.

  • Silent knock that is immensely fun to use. 
  • Gorgeous deep teal body.
  • Heavy pen body combined with smooth refill is a perfect duo. 
  • Nice, wide clip for a good grip on whatever you clip to.
  • Beautifully finished. 
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
  • Clip length can affect grip (especially for large hands). If this is an issue, check out The Mover.

I love this pen. The pen is a gorgeous deep teal that is beautifully complemented by the steel trim. It fits comfortably in my hand with an ideal balance and weight and with so little effort required to write that it's perfect. The tip is awesome and unique. Well worth it. Will has a great pen here. I already told him I'm waiting for the hot pink version *cough*! Highly recommended.
Review: @TactileTurn The Shaker - Teal
In good company: The Shaker with the Karas Kustoms Bolt. Imagine if they were both pink. O.O
I received this pen free of charge for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


RMinNJ said...

Very cool...we all should have gotten in the Kickstarter for these when they were $30 something.. Another pen to add to my wish list.

Can you comment on the anodizing..does it look like it will scratch?

Peninkcillin said...

Looking good but... I think you didn't make your photos on Flickr public. I tried to pin one of them and I can't. Clicking on them gives an error.

Azizah Asgarali said...

So far, seems to be good. I have mine in my bag (with a lot of other stuff) and it has not been gouged. I'll give it a test in an inconspicuous area and report if it scratches easily but this seems ok. I believe Will has just gotten a new anodizer too that will do an even higher quality job so everything will only improve, too!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Oh yes.. they are indeed private.. cannot be pinned. It's the only way I can schedule posts early without giving away what I'm going to be posting about. Sorry!

Peninkcillin said...

Ah I see. I do the same thing but I make them public right before I publish because I don't schedule posts. Too bad, I would have liked to pin a few of your beautiful images.

Nic_v5 said...

What is the discount code? Didn't see it in the review.

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