Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens

Hey-ho! This pretty kiwi pen came over from Richard at Retro 1951 after a contest on their Facebook page (a great reason to follow them on social media, by the way). There was an error in the contest that I pointed out, and although I wasn't the actual winner, Richard was ever so kind as to send me a Tornado anyway as thanks. That is some pretty awesome customer service. You know what I LOVE? Awesome customer service. So although I was already a fan for life, I'm an even more of a loyal fan now. Thank you, Richard!
Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens

Price: $21.00USD
Where to buy: JetPens

Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens
One of the best things about Retro 51 pens is the fun packaging. The Kiwi Tornado came in this cardboard tube with foam inside. The packaging is very fun; should you wish to recycle the tube, you can. You can also reuse the foam for shipping stuff to a friend. Or you can use the whole thing as a pen stand for your desk.
Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens

Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens
The Kiwi Tornado is a nifty pen, and Tornado is a suitable name as that is what the pen's shape is. The top of the pen is wider and it narrows towards the tip. The barrel is lacquered in a smooth glossy kiwi colour. The clip and knurled knob (more on this in a jiffy) are shiny chrome. Ok. The knurled knob: a highlight of Retro 51 pens: the knurling on the knobs. The mechanism for extending the tip is a knob that you twist and the knurling is gorgeous, sharp, clean. I love it.
Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens
Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens
The pen ships with a Retro 51 refill, but I always use my go-to ballpoint refill - a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000. With this refill, I am completely content. It's very smooth, and it flows consistently and doesn't blob. If you get a dud, don't be disheartened. It happens. Schmidt will probably swap it for you. Anyway, nevermind that. The point is this Tornado is great. It's not too heavy, it's comfy, it writes very well, and it has a clip that secures snugly to papers and pockets.

  • Cute.
  • Knurled knob.
  • Many colours available.
  • Affordable.
  • Great gift.
  • Easy to get refills (and various refills).
  • Reusable and useful packaging.
Review: @Retro1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado - Kiwi @JetPens
  • Well, none.

I have reviewed my Natural Bamboo Tornado and the Crocodile Tornado, neither of which have disappointed me. Yes, the Croc is weird, but that's what I love about Retro51s. They are weird, and unique, and fun. I love these pens because they are fun and cute and come in great colours. I highly recommend Retro51 pens!


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