Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink

One day, this pen showed up in my mailbox. HOT DOG. Dan sent this hot pink Bolt over, along with some stickers. Ummm... wow. THANK YOU. I... wow. Could this pen be any more perfect for me? Le sigh. Not really.
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink

Body Material: Aluminum
Trim: Stainless steel
Length: 5.5"
Barrel Diameter: 0.45"
Weight: 1.1 oz/31 g
Fill type: Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint
Price: $55.00USD
Where to buy: KarasKustoms

Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
The Bolt is a thick, machined aluminum pen. The tip has a smooth torpedo shape. The barrel is practically seamless where it unscrews to put in the refill. The clip and screws are stainless steel. The knock mechanism is also steel, smooth and rounded and resembles an actual bolt. It looks great.
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
The pink is a solid hot pink - not baby pink or fluorescent pink, but the perfect pink I always seek in a pen and an ink. (And in everything else).
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
The bolt is probably the most beautiful bolt you'll ever see.
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
This Bolt accepts Parker ballpoint compatible refills so I popped in my trusty Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint refill in blue. The refill itself is great: not blobby, smooth, consistent. I love it. How does it match up with this pen? It's a dream. I love it. The pen is solid and heavy so together with this smooth refill, it's wonderful together.
Review: @KarasKustoms The Bolt - Hot Pink
This pen goes everywhere with me, and it has since the day I got it. It has traveled with me, been in suitcases, bags, backpacks, cars, it's signed all sorts of things... you get the picture. It's well-used. The body of the pen is holding up really well. It looks great.


The Bolt is a solid, well-made pen. There are no sharp parts sticking out, it is full-sized, so for me, the clip isn't in the way, and I think this would be something people with larger hands will appreciate, too. The barrel doesn't separate at the seam during writing. The refill doesn't rattle. Le sigh. I loves it.

  • Solid, amazing hot pink pen.
  • Also available in a Pilot G2 barrel.
  • Makes you want to write for no reason. Really.
  • Well-balanced and with this refill, it's so smooth, it's so easy to write with.
  • I throw it in my bag and the knock doesn't get accidentally pressed in my bag and leave pen marks everywhere.
  • You will need all of the colours.

Well, this isn't my first KarasKustoms pen (Render K, RETRAKT). I love machined pens, and in particular, I have a fondness for KarasKustoms pens. And obviously I have a fondness for pink. I mean, I'm not crazed or anything, but I have an appreciation for it. I think this is a gorgeous pen: solid, reliable, accepts Parker ballpoint-compatible refills, and it really is a fun pen. Also, available in several colours. It's even available in copper, which may be the next one I must get.


Mike said...

That pen looks fantastic.

Brad Dowdy said...

All the hotness!

RMinNJ said...

Did you find it much wider than Retrakt in grip ? My Retrakt is really comfortable but I would not a pen that is any wider.

It looks about the same length as the Retrakt? But the Retrakt takes G2 refills already..
I'm surprised the Bolt is so long but I suppose the top Bolt/plunger is what contributes to the length.

How is the it top heavy? I find the Retrakt a bit top heavy due to the weight of the push button clicker.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I do not think it's wider than the Retrakt in my recollection (which is currently out of my rotation because this took over) but I haven't measured. I don't have a very wide grip tolerance because my hands are fairly small so I would have "felt" it if it was uncomfortably large. I'd have to compare the two for length but it's not top heavy at all. It has excellent balance. I like it even more than the Retrakt. It's hard to compare them fairly though because I have a copper Retrakt and this one is lighter obviously.

Dan Bishop said...

I love how great the pink looks with this pen. So glad that you like it!

snedwos said...

Where could I get interesting coloured refills for this pen? I know Monteverde makes brown ones that fit Parker ballpoints.

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