Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kickstarter: The Writer's Block

This is most cool. I love random things like this, especially when they are suave and machined. LIKE THIS. Word. Notebooks (yes, the very cool Word. Notebooks, such as the ones I have reviewed) have launched a Kickstarter for The Writer's Block: a machined desk accessory that can hold your pen and notebook (or smartphone) in a minimalistic and stylish way.

With 24 days to go, funding has already been met, but these are so nifty, you should have a look at them anyway because when everyone else is posting pictures of theirs on their desk, you're going to feel left out. And stupid for not getting in on it. Pledges start at $1USD but reward pledges start at $12USD. Not bad.

Blocks come in brass, black steel, and stainless steel. (Um... I detect a flare up of one-of-everythingitis.)


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