Monday, March 16, 2015

Pen, Paper & Ink P0rn - P.W Akkerman Oranje Boven

Sailor Jentle Apricot is pretty much my favorite orange ink ever, but since it's discontinued, many people ask me what my replacement orange is. Well, I haven't really found one yet because I still have some stock of Apricot I'm working through. Also, I have not mentally accepted that it's gone yet. Recently, I inked my Waterman 94 (with a crazy #4 wet noodle - I mean the noodliest nib I own), with P.W Akkerman Oranje Boven and was struck by how nice it is. It has potential to be the replacement Apricot.

Have you replaced your Apricot with anything yet?
For Wally 💕
This was written in memory of Wally, the amazing awesome wonderful St. Bernard.
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Tori A. said...

I got into fountain pens a few months ago, and because of this blog Sailor Jentle Apricot was the second bottle of ink I got. That bottle is still almost full, so I haven't had to find a replacement yet!

pajhurley said...

I have two bottle of Sailor Jentle Apricot stashed away, but the Oranje Boven is bright enough to make any Nederlander sit up and take notice. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.

lgsoltek said...

Apricot is a great colour I would love if I had the chance to get a bottle! But sadly it's difficult to acquire it now. I ordered Sailor Honey (from Onago-iro days line) which is said to be very close to Apricot. I'm impatiently waiting for it!

David said...

Looks like another (sigh) Apache Sunset clone... what was the one you reviewed a couple of days ago? Noodler's Habanero?

And by the way, if you are going to try and be cute by leet-ing in the title of your posts, at least get it right... It is Pr0n, not P0rn! (Look up Leet and Pr0n om Wikipedia.) Adios...

Jen said...

If that's all you can find to say maybe you shouldn't comment?

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