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Review: Live Laugh Jot PocketJot Fauxdori @livelaughjot

Cori Nicholls from Live Laugh Jot contacted me awhile ago to see if I'd be willing to review one of her PocketJot notebook covers, as she was looking into opening up her shop to international customers. This way, we could test how long it would take to arrive, and I could share the news with other international folks that there are Jot covers available. Live Laugh Jot is proudly Canadian, which makes me doubly excited.
I am a huge supporter of online community building and I want to build more than a store - I want to build a community of JotBook users around the world - people who have a shared love of notebooks and pens and all things stationery and give them a place to fuel themselves creatively. - Cori
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That's a pretty cute cover. 
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Model: PocketJot - Field Notes Size Traveler's Notebook Fauxdori
Size: 4.5'' x 6''
Color: Fuschia
Leather: Yes (therefore, not vegan)
Price: $27.67USD
DISCOUNT CODE: GOURMETPENS for 15% off any purchase (no minimum requirement)
Ships worldwide
Where to buy: Live Laugh Jot
Jot Banner

  • Three sizes to choose from:
    • MiniJot - a wider version of the Midori TN Passport
    • PocketJot - holds pocket-sized notebooks
      • ie. Field Notes, Moleskine
    • ClassicJot - a wider version of the Midori TN Large
My PocketJot arrived in a cloth dust bag with a small insert inside. Probably not the most masculine insert, but it's cute and I'm using it. I do not require masculine things, but if it was masculine, I'd still use it.
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This is the PocketJot in the Fuschia color. Bright. Cheery. PINK. It's a simple cover with rounded corners and unpainted edges. It's sort of finished in that it's not raw and ground up, but it's not finished in the painted way. I like it the way that it is now. It's the color of the leather inside.
Review Live Laugh Jot PocketJot Fauxdori @livelaughjot (6)
The outside of the cover is somewhat shiny, and looks smooth, with a low amount of character and pull to the level. Inside, the leather is light and a bit fuzzy looking.
Review Live Laugh Jot PocketJot Fauxdori @livelaughjot (2)
Review Live Laugh Jot PocketJot Fauxdori @livelaughjot (3)
This elastic is black, attached by a knot through a hole in the center of the spine. All the holes are cleanly cut, which I like. I also like the knot on the spine. Inside, there are four elastics spread across the spine area. The knots inside are a little big, but once your notebooks are in, you won't notice them.
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Review Live Laugh Jot PocketJot Fauxdori @livelaughjot (16)
The mint tassel is adorable, and may not be a perfect match for this pink, but I couldn't ignore the mint color. It's cute and adds a lot of happy factor for me. It's also affordable and interchangeable quite easily. There's also a lot of other charms and stuff to look at.
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Overall, a simple cover, but it's the usefulness that is the best part.


The hand-dyed covers are typically a thinner leather. Colors like Tangerine and Fuschia are a little stiffer. If you're concerned or want something in particular, you can always ask Cori before purchasing your cover. I like how this cover feels - especially for carrying it around. It's a little supple, but it isn't floppy, and on the other hand, it's not firm and stiff. It's a nice in between. For protecting all the notebooks I keep inside it currently, I like it. I also like that it's not too firm because by notebooks of a different thickness inside, the softer leather can wrap around the spine of the notebook, whether they're thick or thin.
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This cover has held up pretty well to being used - tossed in my bag, stuffed in pockets, rubbing against pens and other notebooks, and more. The cover scuffed but it handles it really well. If you want a cover that will scuff up and take scratches over time, this color is probably not the best choice. The scratches show - but they just look like thin gouges and shiny scratches.
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I love that it came all ready to go with four elastics on the inside. I like the idea of the Midori notebooks but at that price, it's kind of silly that you have to add more elastics if you want, and if more notebooks can fit. I really appreciate that this one is well set up and ready to go. The wider size of the cover also helps because it means you can fit more notebooks in without them sticking out.
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I actually tried to put my Hobonichi planner in here and surprisingly, it fit. It stuck out a little bit, but mine is pretty stuffed. A newer one, or one that is used as a planner instead of being stuffed with a variety of things would probably fit even better. That's pretty cool, because my Hobonichi doesn't have a cover.
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It's a great, convenient size - slightly larger than the very cute Midori TN Passport, but not as big as the large size, although those are also available. The size is great because it fits way more notebooks than the proprietary Midori TN Passport-sized notebooks, though that can fit as well. They're just a little small.
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With so much space, you can also add a plastic folder and organize what's inside. This also adds some stiffness, if you want a little more structure. 
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Left to right:
PaperRepublic Grand Voyageur
Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport
  • All covers are made wider to accommodate 6 - 8 inserts without overhang.
  • All covers have four inner elastics - ready for your stuffing!
  • All notebooks are handmade by Cori,
  • If you can't spare the monies but still would like a quality cover, Jot has a Blooper sale, where you can find discounted covers. Look out for that in spring. (I'm not that patient...)
  • Many accessories to choose from- nib charms, tassels.
  • Vegan options available.
  • Comes with one insert.
  • Smells delicious.
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Left to right:
Midori Traveler's Notebook Large
Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport
  • If you don't fill it up, it can be a little floppy.
  • Unfinished edges, if you don't like that kind of thing. (I do.)
  • When it's full, the elastic can buckle the leather a little. It's not an issue, and it doesn't ruin anything, but if you like the perfect kind of look, it messes that up a bit.
  • If you like leather that ages, this color doesn't age as well as other colors. 
  • Currently only black elastics - not very exciting, but it does the job.

I'm definitely a fan of this PocketJot leather journal cover. I appreciate that it's made in Canada a heck of a lot, and it's well done. Did I mention it smells really good? Cori offers a variety of colors, sizes, finishes, and some really cute accessories. There's a few cons, but they're hardly that. It's just nitpicking. A leather journal cover has to be something you want to add to your routine, or something that will facilitate your notebook-toting. If not, it won't really fit into your life. If it does fit, a Jot cover will certainly make you happy and be more affordable than a lot of other options out there!

Interested in a holiday gift? Get cracking! You'll have to place your orders soon to guarantee on-time delivery. A huge thank you to Cori for sending this over for me to review! Cori has offered you lovely folks a 15% discount off, with no minimum purchase requirement! Visit Live Laugh Jot to peruse!
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I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. 


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