Saturday, November 7, 2015

Retro51 LE Terabyte Tornado for @AndersonPens @Retro1951

I'm a fan of Retro 51. They're affordable, have great designs, great packaging, and I can justify collecting them when a new design comes out and I just can't convince myself I don't need it. Don't judge.

Anderson Pens are launching an AP-exclusive Retro 51 called the Terabyte Tornado. The name is well chosen, don't you think? There are only 500 pens. The base color is the classic green from their Tornado line up, which I love (and do not yet own... both would look fantastic next to each other, wouldn't they?), and the metal is matte black. I love.

Check out their blog for more information on the pen, and click here to pre order.

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