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Review: Constellations88 Triple Pen Pocket Carrier

This pen case was sent over from Constellations88 for review. I've had it for a few months now and had toted it around, smelled it, used it, and tried to assess it in that time. This is my assessment after a few months with it.
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Color: Cherry Red
Other colors: Executive Black, Pearl White
Price: $13.50USD - regular price $15.00USD
Shipping: $10.00USD (up to two items)
Where To Buy: Constellations88
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The C88 Triple Pen Pocket Carrier is packaged in a black cardboard box that is just slightly larger than the case itself. It is branded with the Constellations88 logo and website on the top. It's very simple, and it makes the case look pretty nice - this way, it's not just a case. It's boxed nicely. I don't think the box serves much purpose, as the case is pretty firm itself, and the box doesn't serve much purpose as a pen case once you take the case out.

What? Long story short: it comes with a box that makes it look like more than just a pen case, but it's not really necessary.


This case is small, tidy, and attractive. The Cherry Red is a nice color - it's a medium red with some purple tones, and it looks just a bit metallic. The flap closure is rounded off at the end and covers half of the case. The Constellations88 star logo is on the front of the flap closure. The pouch is not all that tall or wide, but the flap closure can close higher or lower, depending how tall the pens are inside. The stitching is a dark cherry red that matches the color of the case.
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The inside of the case is a strange material. The dividers are an ivory, cottony material that is somewhat firm. They are double-stitched in place, and are soft to the touch. To be honest, the material inside kind of freaked me out a bit. It reminded me of first aid gauze or something, but it works as far as keeping your pens apart.
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Weak joints on the case itself are double-stitched and there is some glue as well, which has leaked out a little. That looks a little grubby, but it's only noticeable up close. I think the case could use some more attention to detail in terms of its finishing - the stitching is straight and even, but the glue is a bit messy, and there is a nick or two in the material.
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The case feels pretty decent in hand - it's firm, and the material has a soft touch to it. As far as how it feels, I do think it's pretty nice. It holds its shape well, so it does a good job of protecting pens from each other or from other things in your bag.

It holds some pretty large pens with ease. One of the slots has been designed larger than the others, so there is space for a big pen, but all the slots are pretty big. A Montblanc 149, Delta Dolcevita Oversize, and Pelikan M1000 fit in the case with ease, with space on the sides to spare. The flap closure had no problem fitting over the top of the pens. The magnet held in place well.
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It works really well for oversize pens, but not necessarily really long pens (ie. desk pens). Smaller/shorter pens can be clipped in place so they're easy to pull out. If it doesn't have a clip and it's a small pen, it may just slide right to the bottom. I hate battling with cases when this happens, and you have to shove your fingers in to try and get it out.
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The material doesn't hold up well to scuffing, though. Where animal leather develops character, picking up scuffs and marks, this one doesn't show anything, unless you nick it, in which case it just looks cut.
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  • Foam leather - ideal for vegans or those who don't want an animal leather case.
  • Soft finish feels nice.
  • Minimal branding. 
  • Magnetic flap closure is quick and easy to open and close. 
  • Affordable.
  • Nice colors.
  • It doesn't really need a breaking in period.
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  • Smells a bit funny - I don't like the smell and it does dissipate slowly, but not fast enough! Up close, I found it rather nauseating, and I'm one of those weirdos who likes weird smells.
  • Finishing needs some refining. 

This is a good case for someone who wants a pen case that can hold some smaller and bigger pens, someone who prefers non-leather cases, and/or someone who wants an affordable case!


Given the price in particular, this is a pretty decent case. I like the color of this one a lot and it easily holds larger pens. I don't like the smell, but the non-leather option is great for those who observe a vegan life, or if you want to gift a case to someone who does. 

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. I do not receive a commission if you purchase through the link here.


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