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Review: @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte

Thanks to La Couronne du Comte for providing me this pen for a review! Actually, I picked it up in the store several years ago and because I am missing The Netherlands, I couldn't think of a better review to write up!
Body material: Metal & Lacquer
Trim: Steel
Color: Hot Pink (others available)
Refill: Goliath
Price: € 21,00
Where to buy: La Couronne du Comte
Refill Price: € 5,70
Where to buy: La Couronne du Comte
La Couronne du Comte
10% off (excludes Montblanc)
The 849 Popline is presented in a slim, sculpted, white aluminum metal gift tin with a magnetic closure. The pen has a raised shape in the tin to fit in the slim insides. The tin is marked with: Caran d'Ache Swiss Made 849. There is a half circle sticker that identifies the color of the pen inside - in this case, hot, fluorescent pink. The inside is lined with black felt, and there are four magnets on the outer corners. The pen is nestled in a pen-shaped space. In silver font, it says: "With Goliath refill, the universal reference. Stainless-steel tip, tungsten carbide ball for a clean line without blots during 8000m." Interesting packaging!
Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 3
Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 4

These pens totally appeal to me. I love the colors that Caran d'Ache are coming out with and the existing colors are fabulous! The 849 is slim and hexagonal, tapering towards the tip from the nose cone onwards. One facet says "849 Caran d'Ache, Swiss Made" in black, easily visible ink against the hot, vibrant pink body. There is a chrome, clip-on clip that wraps around the pen. The clip is simple; long and thin with no markings on it. The metal knock is round and is engraved with Caran d'Ache. It's a small pen, fairly slender, and I love the design. So cute, especially in this hot pink!
Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 5Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 6

The long clip is quite springy and can be operated one-handed. It also slides on to papers and into pockets and pouches quite easily. I like the long clip - it allows the pen to slide down quite low on pockets and papers, which makes it quite secure.

The refill does indeed give a very clean line. This is my first experience with a Goliath refill and I really like it. It takes little pressure for the refill to write, although the lines are light. It writes easily on smooth and tooth paper, but I do find it needs even less pressure on the smooth papers. It does not blob ink, particularly at the high angle I tend to write with, and it delivers a really nice line. At a low angle, I found it a little scratchy with slight blobs - not big inky blobs, just tiny ones. I'm not sure anyone writes at such a low angle anyway, but I tested it at various angles and positions. It does write consistently in that the ink coverage is steady and it doesn't skip out.
Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 7
Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 1
Review @Caran_dAche 849 Popline Ballpoint Pen @couronneducomte 2
I enjoy the pen because it is light and comfortable, not slippery in hand, and the refill is nice. I would like a darker, more intense blue, but those tend to blob more in my experience. I really like the knock on this pen! The mechanism is smooth and so satisfying to click away! I could click it all day, it never fails. 

The body is comfortable in hand - no sharp bits or discomfort. The hexagonal shape is great especially with the clip because it doesn't roll away. The material is tough and holds up well to being shoved in bags and tossed around. I did not really notice any significant scratches in the material, so it looks pretty beautiful even after years of use. 


I try not to collect things based on a color because with so many colors available, not only would I spend a lot on these pens, I would have a lot of them. However, I like having a few really decent, reliable ballpoint pens around. I actually use ballpoints quite frequently so there's nothing like a solid one. I would love to get the rose gold edition. Or the pink. Or mint. Or all.

Great colors, well-presented, perform well, robust pens... you just have to pick one! A great gift for a friend or yourself. The only real downside, in my humble opinion, is the price of the refill. It does last a long time, but it's still a pricy refill considering the price of Parker-style refills.

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.


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