Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Midori Animal Shaped Paperclips - Cats

I have a confession. I love stationery and cats. So when I saw JetPens had paperclips in the shape of cats, I went nuts. However, in my lifelong effort to cull down my purchase orders at JetPens, someone (who shall remain nameless for their safety) convinced me I didn't need them because I'd never use them and if I did, someone would steal them. I couldn't bear to think of someone stealing one of my 30 D-Clips. What kind of monster would do that?? So I removed them from my order and proceeded on with life.
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A year passed. And we moved to Austin. And I dragged Kevin to The Paper Place because I needed a fix. I was picking up pens left, right, and center without even thinking. (Don't worry, by the end, I usually end up putting a bunch back, I'm not some crazed pen hoarder or anything). Anyhow, I spotted these cat-shaped paper clips again and this time, I refused to listen to his reasoning. I said I would never share them and I'll only use them for myself. That's the spirit, right?

Please observe how adorable they are.
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And practical. Who am I to not purchase something that is obviously so practical?
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IMG_0301 Resized
This isn't much of a review. It's just me showing you how cute they are. And how practical they can be! (Please disregard the fact that I paper clipped a bunch of pages in a notebook together. I realize this isn't a normal daily life kind of use).

In case you're worried, these are pretty solid. So far, I have lost none, nor have I broken any. You know when you bend a paper clip a lot, it eventually snaps? That hasn't happened. That being said, I'd never try. So if someone else tries, great, please let me know what happens.


The Paper Place - $6.00
JetPens - $6.73


If you are a student or a professional or a mom or a dad or a human being that has ever needed a paper clip in your lifetime, these are adorable and you should have some on hand. Simple pleasures, I say! If cats aren't your thing, there's a giant variety of fruits, objects, and animals available! Check out the selection at JetPens!


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