Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Midori Animal Shaped Paperclips - Cats

I have a confession. I love stationery and cats. So when I saw JetPens had paperclips in the shape of cats, I went nuts. However, in my lifelong effort to cull down my purchase orders at JetPens, someone (who shall remain nameless for their safety) convinced me I didn't need them because I'd never use them and if I did, someone would steal them. I couldn't bear to think of someone stealing one of my 30 D-Clips. What kind of monster would do that?? So I removed them from my order and proceeded on with life.
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A year passed. And we moved to Austin. And I dragged Kevin to The Paper Place because I needed a fix. I was picking up pens left, right, and center without even thinking. (Don't worry, by the end, I usually end up putting a bunch back, I'm not some crazed pen hoarder or anything). Anyhow, I spotted these cat-shaped paper clips again and this time, I refused to listen to his reasoning. I said I would never share them and I'll only use them for myself. That's the spirit, right?

Please observe how adorable they are.
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And practical. Who am I to not purchase something that is obviously so practical?
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This isn't much of a review. It's just me showing you how cute they are. And how practical they can be! (Please disregard the fact that I paper clipped a bunch of pages in a notebook together. I realize this isn't a normal daily life kind of use).

In case you're worried, these are pretty solid. So far, I have lost none, nor have I broken any. You know when you bend a paper clip a lot, it eventually snaps? That hasn't happened. That being said, I'd never try. So if someone else tries, great, please let me know what happens.


The Paper Place - $6.00
JetPens - $6.73


If you are a student or a professional or a mom or a dad or a human being that has ever needed a paper clip in your lifetime, these are adorable and you should have some on hand. Simple pleasures, I say! If cats aren't your thing, there's a giant variety of fruits, objects, and animals available! Check out the selection at JetPens!


Bornagainscholar said...

Earlier today I ordered the cat's from Jetpens. That makes a complete collection for us. Yes we are nerds, but these clips are very good paper clips. That being said, like you, we don't really use them either except for personal things around the house. But all of the original collection animals are too cute. Once we bought our first box we just couldn't stop.

Shangching said...

I have been debating whether I should get these. I got some bunny ones before and I wind up not using them before they are adorable. See, my hoarder tendency :)

GourmetPens said...

@Bornagainscholar :| you have the collection? I. Am. So. Green. With. Envy. You may be my new hero. I am madly in love with all the adorable little animals. I fear I will soon buy one of each as well, possibly two.

@Shangching BUNNIES! You also need cats. Auggie said so.

Crystal Wayward said...

Wow! Those are super cute!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Highly recommended :D They're great quality - better than "regular" paperclips!

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