Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Everyday Correspondence

A few days ago, James (@EverydayCorresp) held some impromptu giveaways on Twitter where all you had to do was send him an email (and mention your like/love/madpassionateobsession for fountain pens, and you could even get some ink cartridges)! Wow. Easiest giveaway ever, right? Yes. And a few days later, an AMAZING package arrived in the mail!

1. This is the best envelope I have ever seen. I love the martians from Toy Story! "THE CLAW!"
Pixar Package
No offense, but I blurred out our addresses. I'm sure you're ALL lovely people but... you know. Someone out there might not be.
2. Like I said, Wow. I was not expecting this envelope to be stuffed full of paper and some ink cartridges - well, I knew about the ink but I didn't realize it would be so many! This wonderful parcel included stationery (which I desperately need because I'm writing letters on card stock most of the time), post cards, beautiful printed stationery (see the Hotel Mecca? Awesome.), and more. 
James, I don't know what possessed you to clear out your ink and paper cabinet but thank you so much for your generosity! I will enjoy these goodies very much!!

You can also check out James's great blog here!


economy pens said...

Being from Minnesota, I love the selection of goodies. Nice haul! 

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