Friday, February 22, 2013

Whiskers & Paws: February 2013 Edition

Tyco On Cat Tree
Tyco loves this tree. He looks hilarious from the side.
Tyco On Tree
Sigh. So shameful. But he looks so happy.
Tyco Flapjack
The infamous Tyco "Flapjack".
Ellie Eats Clean Sheets
I changed the sheets and made the bed so nicely. Then this crazy thing grabs my pillow and tries to drag it around.
Ellie On Pillow
She sleeps like a little person - using my pillow as hers.
Little nugget.
Looks a bit crazed here.
Peaches in Blanket
Love the little tucked paws.
Bengal Snuggles
Koa in the Bathroom
He likes to sit here and make noise, in hopes of someone petting him.
Koa At Counter First
He is always at the counter when we're in the kitchen, sitting on the bar stool.
Koa At Counter
Something has caught his attention.
Koa At Counter
Koa At Counter
Koa At Counter
Don't move.
Koa At Counter
Inching in.
Koa At Counter Last
And he moves in for the kill: the string of my hoody.


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