Monday, February 11, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Super Sketch & Incoming InCoWriMo!

A combination of awesome goodies here - one from my digital mailbox, and the others from my real mailbox!

This adorable and perfect sketch of Ellie comes from Aisazia over at Ethereal Voices! I was fortunate enough to win her sketch giveaways and have been stocking up on sketches of the cats haha. Yes. I am a crazy cat lady. She has done a great job on Tyco and Peaches so far, and has gotten Ellie's crazed and weird self bang on with this sketch. Right down to the strange thing she is carrying in her mouth.
The rest of these paper goods are my incoming goodies from InCoWriMo! This makes me feel like I have friends. It's wonderful.
Incoming InCoWriMo
I love you people.


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