Friday, February 8, 2013

A Few Days of InCoWriMo

In case you're wondering, I HAVE been keeping up with my InCoWriMo pledge! Actually, possibly a bit beyond it. I make no promises of beautiful letters and amazing envelopes though.
I ordered many a stamp. They're all forevers, with some national, and one set international.
Day 1 of InCoWriMo also happened to be our anniversary so I made a little note to Kevin in addition to my other letters. You may have seen it on InCoWriMo's Letters du Jour!

InCoWriMo Letter to Kevin for Anniversary 
The rest of the stack was photographed twice because I forgot one letter in it. 
InCoWriMo Letter Stack Minus One
InCoWriMo Close up for Shangching
Using different inks for the fun of it!
InCoWriMo Close Up for Shangching
Well, I tried to decorate the envelope. I'm not good at decorating, apparently.
InCoWriMo Letter Stack
Here's the stack the way it should have been!
Have you been InCoWriMoing?


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