Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monsieur Notebooks: A Real Leather Alternative to Moleskine @M_Notebook

Monsieur Notebooks produce a series of leather notebooks and sketchbooks, combining charm and function. The covers are made from one single piece of thick hide, and are inherently strong and flexible. Monsieur Notebooks have a leather cover to protect your ideas.

Retailing at a truly affordable price, Monsieur Notebooks have wide variety of choices, from a teeny weeny A7 Mini-Monsieur, to an epic A4 landscape sketchbook. Raw materials are personally chosen; high quality acid-free papers, and leathers that reveal the natural scent and grain of the hide.

Monsieur Notebooks are currently available from distributors in Australia, Germany and Turkey. A contract for the USA and Canada have been signed. In a very short space of time, Monsieur Notebooks have moved from batch production, to full-time manufacture. They are at manufacturing capacity, and need to meet minimum orders to justify expansion with their manufacturers.

Do check out the IndieGoGo campaign to help bring Monsieur Notebooks to the USA and Canada! Pledges start at a mere $1USD but you won't get a notebook until the $20 pledge. Not bad. With options like different leather colors, sizes, papers, LASER ENGRAVING...?! This is dangerous...


NoFuture NoHope said...

Unfortunatelly not very fountain pen friendly :( ... I had feathering and show trhu even with fine nibs (Platinum Preppy for example does feather, but it nothing against Senator with M nib). I hat to give them away to friends, who do not use fountain pens. They are very nice and I liked them a lot, but no option for a fountain pen user :(

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