Monday, August 19, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: I Should Go Away More Often.

I was away from my mailbox for three weeks. I didn't have time to prepare this post last Monday, so it had to sit and wait for an extra week, so this is actually only three weeks of waiting. Only, she says.
All The Mail!
This is what was waiting for me on my desk when I got back. The first thing that was opened was the tube, which contained the most fascinating letter I've ever received (pictured in this post, I'll point it out). Speaking of letters...

Tallia, girl, you know my taste. Thank you!!
From Tallia
I FINALLY broke my three month pen and ink-buying hiatus - you know, the one that Eric challenged me to way back when. Okay, not way back when, but three months ago. I finally bought myself the Pelikan M400 white tortoise, a pen I have wanted for a long time now. I have the BB nib ground to a stub by John Mottishaw. And then I had to wait an extra two weeks to come home to it, which was torture. And I still haven't had time to ink it.
Pelikan M400 White Tortoise
Pelikan M400 White Tortoise
Some inks and an eyedropper pen (my favourite) from Organics Studio - reviews to come.One of these are pink. Yes. Yes. If you can't wait for reviews, pick some up at Anderson Pens for yourself. I won't judge you. Thank you Tyler!
From Organics Studio
From JetPens, I placed TWO orders. Well, I broke the hiatus. May as well go all out, right? I actually took the plunge on another Noodler's pen. That ink is Diamine Graphite.
JetPens Order
JetPens Order
JetPens Order
Some awesome surprise stamps from my pal Steve!! Note the circle resembles the logo in my banner!! I will have to incorporate this into some artistic logo art somehow! Thank you so much Steve.
Stamps from Steve
Andy sent me the super cute pink Clairefontaine notebook and Calepino notebook - which you will see up on FPGeeks but not for a little while. Thank you Andy! Adorable, right?
From Andy!
Here is what was inside that mysterious tube - a scroll of a letter, with more letter around it, and some ink samples, including Parker Penman Sapphire (which I had, shockingly, not yet tried!!). One of the coolest pen pals ever. If you're reading this Bill, thank you.
Letter from Bill
Thank you everyone, for the wonderful letters, surprises, parcels, random things... thank you. You are all so kind, so generous, so thoughtful. I appreciate you all so much.


Mike said...

That is some haul! Say, does your bottle of Jules Verne smell weird? Mine has a really strong smell to it.

Aisazia said...

Now that is some awesome stuff to come home to! I'm super jealous! XD Thanks for showing us all the goodies! ^_~

Bill said...

Can we say, "Christmas in August!"

write to me often said...

Drool :)
By the way, I have a white tortoise M400 and my first ink choice for it, was Stipula Musk Green. I think they are perfect together.

Michel_de_Montreal said...

Congrats :-)

ooooh an Ensō stamp how nice :-)

Mina said...

What a great way to start off Monday ! And you got another one of my dream pens...Anyway, I hope to pick one of those white tortoise before the limited stock run out).

joolz2u said...

Ooh, I wondered what happened to the white tortoise - if you went with Pendleton or stayed with John Mottishaw. I can't wait to see your writing sample!

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