Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: @OrganicsStudio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink Ink

Shout out to Tyler of Organics Studio for sending this delectable pink ink for me to review and share with you. My god. Is it ever spectacular. 

Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink
OS Posie Pink Swab
Color: Pink
Bottle: 55 ml
Price: $14.00
Price/ml: $0.25/ml
Where to buy: Anderson Pens
Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink
Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink
Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink
Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink
  • Exquisite flow.
  • Wonderful pink colour.
  • Gorgeous for broad-nibbed calligraphy.
  • Lovely shading, especially in a flex pen.
  • Dries quickly, despite being such a wet ink.
  • Very legible, even in fine nibs.
Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink Shading
  • None. Seriously. I absolutely adore this ink.

Hey. This is a gorgeous pink ink. Seriously. Look at it. Okay, if you don't like pink inks, then you're biased to begin with. I happen to like pink ink, but I'm also very particular about my pink standards. This one blew me away with its wet flow, which I absolutely love. I also love the bottles, which are not glass. I like a nice glass ink bottle, but I worry a lot less about dropping and breaking this one (um, yes, I have dropped glass ink bottles. Fortunately, none have broken thus far...). Do not be disturbed by my taste test. You don't need to lick your ink to use it. I very highly recommend this ink!! Pick yourself up a bottle from Anderson Pens - or just a sample if you're nervous about a bottle of PINK ink.

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Organics Studio 

This ink was provided free of charge for review (and ridiculous enjoyment) purposes. Wasn't paid, y'all. I'm completely honest. I mean, look at the taste test.  


SheilaM said...

Haha! Only you would include a taste test. Way to differentiate your reviews, gurl.

Seriously, that is gorgeous ink. AND my birthday is coming up. I think I deserve a present. :pulls out wallet:

Jen said...

I'm not a pink fan, but my 8 year old niece would love getting a letter in this color. I may have to break down and get some....after my wallet recovers from my recent purchases.

Azizah Asgarali said...

YES. LOOOVE this pink! If that wasn't obvious.

HAHA. Well, you know, I was rather curious... quickly changed my mind about it though...

Miss Thundercat said...

I'm not really into pinks either, but this color got my heart pumpin'! Very pretty!

joolz2u said...

How about cleaning? Does it clean out well? You've definitely made me want this ink, but it should clean out easily too. Thanks for the review!

Mike said...

This looks great, and it's one of the Writers that I haven't tried out yet.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Hey there! Good question, I shall start adding that to my reviews - thanks. This pink cleans pretty easily. A few flushes with water. I added some dish soap because pinks/reds tend to be more difficult in general but this one ran clean without much hassle.

Azizah Asgarali said...


Azizah Asgarali said...

That's most excellent to know - I find that fascinating. What colour would represent her well?

Ted said...

Later in life she was mostly seen only in white. She became quite reclusive, although early in life she was not. Her poetry and letters, however, are full of shazam!

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