Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Pentel Sign Pen - Red @JetPens

Part of a parcel I received not too long ago from Pentel included a Sign pen, a pen that is part of their Recycology line! I like marker pens so I wanted to try it, and it's even better that it's part of their recycled materials product line. Thank you Pentel!
Pentel Sign Pen - Red

Price: $1.79USD, $1.45USD
Where to buy: Pentel


The Sign pen is a very retro, classic looking pen. Mine is a red ink, so it is a red plastic body with a cap, and a big fiber tip at the end. In this case, red, of course. All the writing on the pen is part of the plastic mold - there are no labels or anything else. I like this look about the pen.
Pentel Sign Pen - Red Uncapped

Given the size of the tip, I wouldn't imagine the Sign pen can be used for writing assignments or doing other school work items. I have been using it to decorate letters and color (yes, I still color, pipe down with your laughter). It's actually a lot of fun to write with. It allows you to unleash creativity, seriously! The tip is solid and can handle being written with, and the pen body is light and easy to hold. It's not super comfortable because it is hard plastic, but it's so light and it's a bold inky marker tip... so it still manages to be easy to use and somehow still comfortable enough!
Pentel Sign Pen - Red Writing Sample
  • Part of Pentel's Recycology line - black, red, blue, and green colors only.
  • Also available in other yummy colors!
  • Snap-fit cap prevents the extra-durable tip from drying out when not in use.
  • Bright & intense water-based ink is perfect for anytime you put ink to paper.
  • Not refillable. In other words, disposable.

At $1.79, you can have a lot of fun with the Pentel Sign pen, especially with the colors you can pick from! I love that the black, blue, red, and green are part of Pentel's Recycology line. I'd love to see the rest of the colors join the party. A fun pen for doodling, coloring, or writing big letters.


Mike said...

I've been using this kind of pen to grade papers for a long time, but I never thought to review it. When you need to make a big mark, this is a darn good pen to do it with.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Best quote ever. "When you need to make a big mark, this is a darn good pen to do it with"

Jenny Frith said...

i wish i could buy your handwriting and use it as a font! love your writing!

Mike said...


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