Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: @UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens

I was finally able to procure the colors I wanted of the Uni-ball Jetstream color series from JetPens! Hurray! These bad boys came out as new arrivals at JetPens awhile ago but they kept selling out of one of the colors I wanted and I hate not ordering complete sets of things so I had to wait until they were all in stock. I'm very complicated.
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
These pens have a great design. The whole body, grip, clip, and clicker is color matched to the barrel of ink that is visible through a portion of translucent barrel. There is a very small amount of white trim at the clip and the writing on the clip is in white as well. The grip is quite nice - it's soft, has a few ridges for texture, and it joins nicely with the barrel. My favorite part of the design is on the side of the pen, there is a little space in the barrel and underneath is written "Jetstream" in white letters. It's a little touch that adds some pizzazz to the design. Yes. I may be nuts.
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
The design of the pen makes them really comfortable to hold and they're definitely pieces of eye candy. No complaints from me here. The colors are all fairly light, but with the 0.7mm tip, I think they come out dark and inky enough that they are easily visible. I have read this may not be the case with the 0.5mm tips, so if you are worried about that, stick with 0.7mm.
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
The Jetstream is supposed to be a really smooth writer and it sure doesn't disappoint. I barely had to touch the tip to the page for the pen to start writing and the lines were always smooth, consistent, and clean. Although these are not advertised as ergonomic pens, a pen that writes with such ease will alleviate hand fatigue and thus, in my books, falls into the category of ergonomic. Unless you are crazy and still have a death grip and carve into the paper no matter what you're writing with. In that case, perhaps it will not be ergonomic in your hands. But that's okay because you'll probably still like it.
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
Being a ballpoint pen, the ink is fast drying and good for all writers out there - both right- and left-handed. No smudges, no smears. I have heard that sometimes the Jetstream pens skip a little. I'm guessing this is related to writing angle because I didn't have this problem. I actually had a few spots that blobbed ever so slightly. Not REAL blobs like the PaperMate InkJoys or anything, just small little ones, and they still dried so fast that they didn't smudge or smear, which is usually the main concern with blobs.
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
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JetPens - $2.50
@UniBall_USA Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.7mm @JetPens
These pens are great looking, really smooth, super easy to write with, and come in an array of very pretty colors. While they are not cheap, they certainly are a pleasure to write with and having a whole set of colors of these will tickle your heart. Unless you hate ballpoints, you best pick up one.


Jackie Parkins said...

Thanks for the enabling :-) It's good to know they don't blob as badly as the InkJoy pens did - those were awful. I think ballpoint ink should be banned and all pen manufacturers should have to use gel ink. These colors are really pretty, I think I will try a couple of these on my next JetPens order.

NoFuture NoHope said...

The orange one looks great (and I do not like non fountain pens :D)

Azizah Asgarali said...

I know... I was a total sucker for these. Didn't even stand a chance. Sigh.

Azizah Asgarali said...

JetStream > InkJoys. Definitely. I'm a complete sucker for these. As soon as any of them run out, I'll be replacing them. Plus, they're so PRETTY. They make my pencil case look so joyous!

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