Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: @ZebraPen nuSpiral 0.7mm Ballpoint Pen - Teal @JetPens

This beauty arrived in my mailbox not too long ago, after many months of my coveting one. I never could find the teal in my local Staples so I kept leaving it out of my cart when I went. But alas! The gorgeous teal is in my possession! MUAHAHA!
Zebra nuSpiral Ballpoint
The whole pen is color matched, aside from the ink, which is black. The clip and body is a beautiful translucent teal, the grip is a more opaque teal, and the trim is chrome. I love being able to see the insides of the barrel because the clicker mechanism is really neat. The "spiral" is at the top of the pen, above the grip. It doesn't get in the way of holding the pen and it looks really awesome. I don't know how Zebra came up with the idea to put pretty colored spirals on the pen, but it's a great idea and it is very pretty. The grip is smooth and rubbery with just enough texture to provide grip. It's a moderately firm grip but is very comfortable to hold. The whole pen is evenly weighted and centered just right for my grip. 
Zebra nuSpiral Ballpoint
Depending where you get your Spiral from, there are different colors available - black, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow... basically, any color to make your heart happy. Or, you can get all and make your heart really happy! Because I love the teal but now I'm eyeing some of the other colors already.

As for "it's just a ballpoint" - well, yes, it is a ballpoint. But the tip is fine and precise, although it's a 0.7mm, it seems a bit finer to me. It's refillable with the Zebra F refill - although I wish there were more colors of ink available, I'm thrilled that this pretty pen is refillable at all!  The pen writes very well - smooth, crisp, and consistent. It also does not blob or skip. That's right, no blobs which means no smudges and smears, and safe for left-handed writers! And another great thing - it starts writing instantly. 
Zebra nuSpiral Ballpoint Writing Sample
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite ballpoint pens. This also may be one of my favorite Zebra pens ever.

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JetPens - $10.00
Zebra - $6.44 (only black, blue, green, teal)
Refills - $3.24 for three

Skip the boring Zebra stainless steel pen (ok... relatively boring) and get the Spiral instead! It's way more comfortable and way prettier to look at! It's refillable and writes wonderfully, even for a ballpoint. I am going to keep my Spiral in my purse where I can show it off regularly. Plus, refills are a great price which makes this pen even more worth it. I highly recommend you add this pen to your collection, in at least one color!


Else-Maria Tennessen said...

This reminds me of a unicorn's horn! Sweet!

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