Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Retro 51 Green Crocodile Tornado Rollerball Pen

Remember I was one of the winners of Retro 51's St. Patrick's Day Luck of the Irish giveaways recently? I have gotten a few weeks to play around with this green crocodile Tornado pen now.
Retro 51 Packaging
I LOVE this tube!! It's so...rockety cool.
Retro 51 Green Crocodile Tornado
Retro 51 Green Crocodile Tornado
Overall, it has the same quality as my Bamboo Tornado. It is strange looking, yes, but it is quite unique and surprisingly comfortable to write with. The leather is not crocodile leather, don't worry, and its texture is almost like having grip. The pen has the knurled knob at the top that is just so easy and fun to twist. The clip is also flexible so it's very easy to attach it to things (and you don't have to worry about the cap popping off). This particular model is a liquid ink rollerball but the refills I have for it will fit.
Retro 51 Green Crocodile Tornado Writing Sample
Yeah. When I TRY to doodle. Do you see that drawing? What the heck is that?
The ink is of course very smooth, no skipping whatsoever, and only bleeds through thin paper or where I have saturated the page with ink (like when I try to doodle). This is not uncommon with liquid inks though. 

What I was really impressed with was how fast the ink dried! It was dry almost insantly. Good news for the lefties of the world. 

Jenni Bick - $30.00
Pens and Leather - $30.00

I don't think I'd have gone out and bought this particular model of pen myself (mostly because I prefer shinier things), but the pen itself writes with the same great quality you'd expect of a Retro 51. If you are looking for a crocodile-looking pen, this is a great choice, and it's certainly unique!


Shangching CH said...

I might be hungry or something, but the pen body reminds me of avocado... Which notebook did you test it on?

GourmetPens said...

Mmmm I love avocado... *drool*
This notebook is a Staples brand sugarcane paper notebook! Although the paper is thin, I rather love it because it crinkles after I've written on it... which is one of my favorite things ever. Hehehehe

Lilardie said...

Love the pen! I won one too! It got a lot of attention this week. My only concern is how the leathervwill hold up. I will probably keep this one for limited use. On another subject, what notebook did you do your review on? I really like the shade of the paper. :)

Lilardie said...

Ha! Should have read the other comments first! Thanks!

GourmetPens said...

Hmm good point on the leather. I suspect the leather itself will be okay, but maybe the color will change over time? But Retro51 does make pretty good quality stuff, so maybe I'll be wrong on that and it'll last forever! As you said though, I will likely keep this to limited use, just in case. 

Shangching CH said...

Sugarcane paper sounds intriguing.  I have not been to Staples for ages because of the large quantity I have to commit to.  In addition, I just do not consume as much paper nowadays compare to before.

rapid_butterfly said...

I just want to put in a word for the little crocodile jr.  I think she's wonderful.  Please don't make fun of her.  that is all.  :-)

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