Friday, December 26, 2014

Whiskers & Paws: December 2014 Edition

Peaches & Koa
Peaches & Koa
Peaches & Koa
Peaches & Koa
Peaches, Koa, Tyco, Ellie
Sigh. There's always at least one that won't sit still. Or one that won't look at the camera. Or both happening at the same time. It's like herding cats, I swear. 


Eva Yaa Asantewaa said...

Cats are even more addictive than fountain pens! LOL! Let me share with you what I've been sharing with others in the FP community: What I've learned, just since August: Fountain pens teach patience, reward diligence, inspire competence and bring joy. Thank you all for being a great part of that delightful education. Happy holidays!

David said...

This is starting to look like one of two things:

(a) A case of Blogger laziness over the Holidays.


(b) Ailuromania as a result of feline vectored Cryptosporidiosis.

Of-course it could be a combination of the two.


BellSome said...

I LOVVVVE your felines!!! I keep scrolling through the photos hoping one of the "twins" will jump out of my iMac, into my lap. (Excuse me whilst I go recover) >^,,^<

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