Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad

I think it's great that Kaweco has finally ventured into gold nib territory! I was thrilled to find it was a double broad, which is obviously the most sensible nib to play with. Let's check it out.

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
Nib was put on a Kaweco student. Although the trim doesn't match the nib, it fits rather nicely.
Material: 14KT Gold
Price: €120,00
Where to buy: Fontoplumo - coming soon

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
That's good looking, isn't it?
This Kaweco nib is pretty attractive. It's the same size as the nibs found on the AL-Sport. It has a single slit and breather hole, and is marked with the  Kaweco logo, 14K/585, the nib size, and Germany. It also has a few flourishes. The nib is yellow gold and really well polished. I very much like its appearance. They are also available as bicolor nibs, which will match pretty much any Kaweco you want to put it on. This nib arrived as a full unit, with nib and feed in a collar.

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
The nib is a true double broad. It has a generous amount of tipping and is well polished. The flow is excellent; nice, wet, and consistent. Since the lines are wet, of course you can expect longer dry times. I didn't find it unreasonably long though. In fact, the double broad gold nib is broader and wetter than Kaweco's double broad steel nib.
Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
The nib is wide and slightly stubby. It's obvious when comparing it to to the steel version, however, it writes like a round nib. It's somewhat soft and will give with pressure, but unfortunately the flow doesn't keep up well if too much pressure is applied too quickly. It's a very pleasant, soft writing experience. 
Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad

Love it. I'm thrilled that Kaweco has finally made a gold nib, and I do think it's a reasonable price. It would be ideal if it fit on all the Kaweco models, but I suspect the nib and feed can be pulled from the collar and swapped into the models without a removable collar unit. I think Kaweco has a winner!

I received this nib free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


Jen said...

That's it. I have to have a double broad something or other at some point. Love that ink too....I have the Majestic Purple. think I'll have to add Imperial to my collection too.

Rob said...

If there is a way to get this nib into a Kaweco Sport I'll order one in an instant.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Just put it in my Skyline Sport :) ... it's magnificent.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Everyone should have at least one broad. And one double broad. :)

Else-Maria Tennessen said...

That ink looks amazing (the shading!) and so does your writing sample. Lovely!

Jen said...

If I didn't know what you meant by that, I'd have to wonder;)

Rob said...

Great news!! Was it difficult to install?? I assume you can just use the existing feed friction fit it in place. It might be fun to pick up one of the Al Sports and put the 14k BB in it for a tank of a signature pen.

op123 said...

Great review, thanks. I am not sure about the price. Some say it is 99 Euros, not 55 Euros.

Christine Darling said...

Great review - love the pen, but really have my eye on that ink! (Pentulant)

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