Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad

I think it's great that Kaweco has finally ventured into gold nib territory! I was thrilled to find it was a double broad, which is obviously the most sensible nib to play with. Let's check it out.

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
Nib was put on a Kaweco student. Although the trim doesn't match the nib, it fits rather nicely.
Material: 14KT Gold
Price: €120,00
Where to buy: Fontoplumo - coming soon

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
That's good looking, isn't it?
This Kaweco nib is pretty attractive. It's the same size as the nibs found on the AL-Sport. It has a single slit and breather hole, and is marked with the  Kaweco logo, 14K/585, the nib size, and Germany. It also has a few flourishes. The nib is yellow gold and really well polished. I very much like its appearance. They are also available as bicolor nibs, which will match pretty much any Kaweco you want to put it on. This nib arrived as a full unit, with nib and feed in a collar.

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
The nib is a true double broad. It has a generous amount of tipping and is well polished. The flow is excellent; nice, wet, and consistent. Since the lines are wet, of course you can expect longer dry times. I didn't find it unreasonably long though. In fact, the double broad gold nib is broader and wetter than Kaweco's double broad steel nib.
Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
The nib is wide and slightly stubby. It's obvious when comparing it to to the steel version, however, it writes like a round nib. It's somewhat soft and will give with pressure, but unfortunately the flow doesn't keep up well if too much pressure is applied too quickly. It's a very pleasant, soft writing experience. 
Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad

Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad
Review: @Kaweco 14KT Gold Nib - Double Broad

Love it. I'm thrilled that Kaweco has finally made a gold nib, and I do think it's a reasonable price. It would be ideal if it fit on all the Kaweco models, but I suspect the nib and feed can be pulled from the collar and swapped into the models without a removable collar unit. I think Kaweco has a winner!

I received this nib free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


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