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Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots

Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
The first magnetic pen and stylus I received was sent over by my pal Bill! Thank you Bill! I had no idea he was sending it so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I love magnets so anything magnetic is always a treat. Then Polar realized I had blabbed about it and wanted to send some of their newest ones over. The silver version is the latest retail edition so I'll focus on that one.
This...is amazing to watch.

Body Material: Neodymium, Nickel-coated, Silver- or 24K gold-plated
Trim: Steel, Black zinc-coated
Weight: 62 g
Price: $40.00USD each (or $70.00USD for both)
Where to buy: Polar Pen
Retail Stores: Vat 19, Hammacher, Uncommon Goods, Fnac, K-11, Log-on, Manor, Takasimaya, Amazon, and Nanodots.com
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots

Packaging is pretty simple - inside a plastic packet is a little plastic shell, holding the pens. Nothing to complain about.
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots

Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Fun to put together but hard to pry them apart!
The Polar pen is made with 13 high-power magnets that are silver-plated, or gun metal. It's a fairly thin pen, long, and smooth. The trim/non-magnetic components are steel and coated with black zinc. As they have high contents of nickel and iron, they stick to the magnets. Overall, it looks polished and meticulously put together.
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
At first glance, they don't really look like pens. There's no obvious cap separation because it blends in to the body and the colour scheme makes it look like a tool.

Underneath the magnet at the top of the pen (above the clip), is the back of the refill. The clip extends almost halfway down the pen. On the other side of the pen, right under the first black ring, is the stylus. Two magnets later is the cap for the pen. Once figured out, it's easy to remember (and it all makes sense).


I have two refills - a Pilot G2 and a Pilot Hi-Tec-C. The refill is not the focus of the pen, although they do offer popular refills. The Uni-ball Signo UM-151 is also an option. I enjoy both refill options and they both work without issue. The retail version is a lot easier to uncap than the Kickstarter version - it's just the shape of the tip. It's a snug magnet but it slips off easily when you need to write.

These pens are perfect for tinkering with.  The modular system makes it fun to play around with and rearrange, either as a tool, or just as a toy. Sure, you could get one and use it just as a pen and/or stylus, but before you know it, you'll be fiddling with it and wanting to take it apart. It's strangely satisfying.

The best part is playing with it. As in, spinning it. It's a good diameter for spinning between fingers. Of course, I can't spin properly. All I can do is flip it over my thumb...one way. You have to start somewhere though, right?
The diameter of the pen is comfortable to use, both as a pen and a stylus. I prefer to use it unposted and holding the cap in my hand.
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
I've tried putting the cap down close to the pen...only to have the cap come flying towards the pen - oops. A little too close.
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
  • Fun to take apart and play with - passes time when you're bored or feeling creative.
  • Takes common, popular refills. 
  • Engineered to withstand repeated impact and resist corrosion.
  • Narrow stylus tip - 5 mm width - allows for greater accuracy in writing (or drawing). 
  • Responsive and precise stylus.
  • Silicone rubber tip inside the top magnet in the pen cap prevents the tip of the gel pen from drying out or leaking. 
Review: Polar Pen Magnet Pen & Stylus - Silver @Polar_Pen @NanoDots
  • Must be careful with using strong magnets around computers/hard drives.
  • Magnets are a little hard to operate - when posted and then pulled apart again, the black end pieces detach from the magnets, sticking to each other. 
  • It's hard to separate the individual pieces of magnet to expose the stylus, which is something you want to be able to get to quickly. 
  • Must hold cap in hand, post it, or keep them far enough away from the pen or they'll be very attracted to each other!
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At $40.00USD, these pens are a lot of fun to take apart, play with, and put back together. The stylus is responsive and it's great if you're looking for a smaller stylus than what is typically available. You could use a Pilot G2, Hi-Tec-C, or Uni-ball Signo UM-151 gel refill. You could also just use it for pen spinning.

Warning: this product contains several small magnets and is NOT a toy for children. If swallowed, it can cause serious or fatal injury. If magnets are inhaled or swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. 


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