Saturday, June 6, 2015

Serious Nibbage Part 33: Edison Collier With Special Guest @PenHabit

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Ted said...

Beautiful pen, Matt. Someday I may save up for one of those acrylics. My nicest acrylic is the Monteverde Prima in the brown swirl (no longer manufactured). I was just looking at it in natural light this morning. That blue is very enticing. Thanks for the review, you all.

pajhurley said...

Great video review Azizah (and Stephen and Matt).
My favorite three pen reviewers together at one time!
I am happy that your first venture together was with the Edison Collier, one of my favorite pens (actually two... I have both the Persimmon Swirl and Blue Steel). The Persimmon was purchased first, a couple of years ago, and has a slightly "pointy" end that matches the newer Blue Steel in pointiness.
The Edison broad steel nib on the Persimmon is one of the very smoothest nibs I own (and I have acquired quite few pens over the past couple of years).
I certainly understand your wish for a pen that would be a better fit in your hand, but I would miss not having a large pen to show off the great Persimmon Swirl material (Matt has referred to it as chatoyance, or cat's eye effect).
More videos please!!!!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for your kind comment and input! The sad thing is I am vain and buy some pens based on how pretty they are, regardless of their comfort... but for this material, I want it ALWAYS so I'm going to have to get myself something that suits my hand a little better. It's still serious nibbage though. We had a lot of fun doing this video, so glad to hear you enjoyed it - we'll add that as another vote for another one!

youstruckgold said...

Well done all (and loving the beard Matt). I have a bulb-filling version in Antique Marble that I love. Agree with Matt on the clip - and as this comes in two pieces (an extra one for the bulb fill) Matt would go crazy for the lack of flow. For me, the break up of the pattern works really well. It's a light pen, so the size really isn't an issue (and I like big pens anyway). I agree with all of you on the nib - but it works well and the ink capacity is just crazy! I have a bad sense of smell, so I'll just defer to you guys there ... hmmmm. Well done!

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