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Review: Mebin A5 Meeting Notebook @MebinNotebooks

The Mebin A5 meeting notebook is up and available! I have one here to check out.
Meeting Book Notebook Review (16)

Size: A5
Pages: 188
Price: £10.00
Where to buy: Mebin


This A5 notebook has a pretty midnight blue cover with rounded edges, a matching blue elastic. Inside, there are two braided bookmarks - one in blue that matches the cover, the other in a cream that matches the paper. The front cover has a half pocket on the page, and the back cover has a full pocket. 
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I think it looks really nice. I love the blue and cream, instead of the usual black and white notebooks. The blue is twilight-ish. 
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I love the bullet point set up to indicate the status of each action - convenient for keeping track of meeting goals and the like. Each two pages are allocated to each meeting (94 meetings total).
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First of all, for those of you who dislike strange textures, allow me to warn you about the sensation of cover-touching. The cover is indeed soft and velvety, but it's also slightly mushy. If mushy covers freak you out, this is mushy.

Otherwise, the notebook is nice. I enjoy the paper's smoothness, the two bookmarks, and the elastic closure. Personally, I do not really need the meeting set up, but you can see it! The notebook opens completely and lies flat,
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Since the paper is soft and smooth, hard tips punch through and print on to the other side. I found that ballpoints and fine liners were the easiest to use, as well as fine-tipped roller balls. 
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It is fountain pen friendly paper to an extent (95 gsm Japanese paper) - showing off shading and sheens well. With wet writers, there was feathering, show through, and bleed through. It seemed to depend on the nib and ink - some double-broads worked better than some mediums, for example. The fine nibs dried the fastest and smudged the least. Some inks even changed color a little - but only in really broad, wet nibs. Best to stick to finer nibs, but for a meeting notebook, that seems to make sense. 
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Diamine Autumn Oak is not usually this washed out color. Check out the sheen on Yama-Dori though, and on the Platinum Carbon black below - it's glowing!
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Drying times were long for wet nibs. because the paper is smooth and coated. 
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This notebook is definitely geared towards users who need a meeting notebook - users who prefer ballpoints, roller balls, and fine nibs on their fountain pens. For those in meetings that prefer double broad nibs, that's not going to work so easily! The layout and set up of the notebook is handy and I think great for keeping track of employees and coworkers, especially if you're working on joint projects. The size is convenient - easy to slip into a bag, portable - and the entire thing is pretty to look at. Check them out at Mebin!

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. No affiliate links. 


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