Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ink Shot Review: Sailor Bung-Box Sapphire @bungbox

Thank you to a kind reader for sending this (and some other) samples for me to review! I was SO excited to be able to try this ink! Now I need all of them, pretty much. So... thanks for that.
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (6)
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (3)
Color: Blue
Bottle: 50 ml
Price: 2,160 円
Where to buy: Bung Box
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (1)
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (2)
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (4)
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (5)
  • Beautiful bottles with really pretty labels. Does that matter? Yes, because they look nice and I'm vain.
  • Gorgeous blue ink! WOW. 
  • Nice, wet flow. 
  • Good sheen. 
  • If you need something to replace your Parker Penman Sapphire, this will do it. 
  • You won't find it everywhere, but it's worth looking for.
  • Tastes absolutely terrible. 
  • It smudged on very smooth paper, but where it was very saturated. 

Okay... this is a gorgeous blue. My ultimate blue is still Sailor Jentle Sky High, but, big surprise, another Sailor blue has captured my heart. LE SIGH. I need a bottle. 
Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (7)


Yagan Kiely said...

It isn't vain to appreciate the design of a bottle or it's label! Apart from the fact that vain relates to personal appearance, there's nothing wrong with admiring design.

Max Leung said...

This is called "first love/romance"

Mikey Mazur said...

DO NOT TASTE ICK :P haha. great review

Denise Rogers said...

That's a gorgeous color!

Azizah Asgarali said...

One of the worst I've ever tasted!

Azizah Asgarali said...

I have not yet - I'll add that to my list :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Ah! Thank you for pointing that out. From now on, I will refer to it as admiring design :)

Mikey Mazur said...

There is only 1 ink I seem to taste constantly and that is only cause it always has a hard time starting since it can dry hard is Noodler's Liberty Elysium. Sometimes even an hr later it will be dry an not moving so I know what it tastes like. :)

Phil Olin said...

I have a bottle of BB Sapphire coming soon. Very much looking forward to it.

Michelle Smith said...

There are lots of gorgeous Sailor blues that are shop-exclusives in Japan. Off the top of my head Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twiligh and Kingdom Note Garrulous Lidthi come to mind, as well as some notables in the Kobe ink line, like #7 and #14.

Rob said...

Please do!! It shades from a raspberry red to an almost brownish red and even has a little gold sheen in broader nibs. :)

Ted said...

Just saw this review. Wow, what a gorgeous blue! Thanks for the review. Will have to keep this one in mind....

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