Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review: PlePle Choco Pencil Case - Hot Pink @JetPens

As if I ever needed more pencil cases, I went insane and bought one two many at JetPens. This is one of them. Though it's a wrap, so maybe that qualifies as a different category, making me less hoardy?

Size: 8.7" x 7.9"

Review: PlePle Choco Pencil Case - Hot Pink @JetPens
The PlePle Choco pencil case is a roll up pencil case made of a warm, rich tan, synthetic leather-like material on the outside. Inside, there is a moderately hot pink fabric lining. The strings are soft cottony suede with little silver charms on the end that are really cute. The strings are great, tie snugly, and are quite long, so if the wrap is very full, it can still be snugly closed.
Review: PlePle Choco Pencil Case - Hot Pink @JetPens
There is a flap that folds down to protect the lids of your pens. Each pocket is deep enough that all my "normal" sized pens fit comfortably.
Review: PlePle Choco Pencil Case - Hot Pink @JetPens
This ignores my particularly large fountain pens that I probably wouldn't carry in this anyway, more so out of fear for spilling ink on the lovely pink insides. How sad that would be! Also, the case is not very thick nor padded, so I am still particular about what pens go in here. Very expensive, delicate, or vintage fountain pens? I'm sure they would be fine, but I don't do it. Just in case.
Review: PlePle Choco Pencil Case - Hot Pink @JetPens
Strangely enough, I don't stuff this wrap full. I like to put one or two pens in each pocket and use it that way. I don't know why. Organization? Color/size/height requirements? Who knows. I wish there were more lining colour choices. Then I could have one of each. I'm not sure how I feel about non pink pens being in this. Maybe I'm insane. There used to be, but JetPens doesn't have them anymore. Le sad.

Side note: I must own things that refer to or look like chocolate.
Review: PlePle Choco Pencil Case - Hot Pink @JetPens


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